It's Official That Bromley Is One Of The Best Place To Live In The UK

Bedford is the worst place - ouch!  Also were  Stoke on Trent and Merseyside were not great places to live.

People who live in Brighton suffers with a lot of anxiety.


Happiest places in Britain

Fermanagh, Northern Ireland

Moyle, Northern Ireland

Hart, Hampshire, England

Lisburn, Northern Ireland

Limavady, Northern Ireland

Orkney Islands, Scotland

Banbridge, Northern Ireland

Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland

Eilean Siar, Scotland

Down, Northern Ireland

East Devon, England




  • Welcome back karen

  • And who cares ?
  • Q: what do all those places on the list above have in common?

    A: they are a long way from Karen -  most of them across the Irish Sea - no wonder they're happy over there!

  • I'm very happy where I live, and I really don't care what some survey says
  • Love my place

  • I live in a nice town. It's so nice it's boring, but boring can be good.
  • No one asked my opinion. Mind you, where I live is not so great but I'm sure there's much worse. I've been to Croydon a few times and can't say I liked it. Richmond (Surrey) is very nice but probably Hampton would be my choice of somewhere to live - just need to find half to three quarters of a million extra to make it possible...

    Edit - having just checked out Rightmove, make that an extra 1-1.5 million. I have expensive tastes!

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    I  took one look at that thread title and had a guess at who started it.


  • As somebody who comes from Croydon but now lives in Luton and visits Bedford a lot, I think this means I should throw myself off a ledge.  Then again I could move to Northern Ireland ! Well I know things have improved a lot in recent years but you should haev a damn site mroe anxiety living there than Brighton.  Although as a Palace supporter from Croydon I don't really have anything good to say about Brightonimage

  • Going by the some of the places on the list happiness can be created by a good supply of recreational drugs.

  • Total waste of a post Karen - no-one is gong to read all that.

    Also I'm pretty sure no-one cares what the locals think about Eltham.

  • I'm fairly interested in knowing what the locals think about Eltham since it's a couple of miles from where I live (and I jog through it to get to one of my local parkruns!) but Karen's blundering cut-and-paste job is even more confusing than usual, and I'm wondering what point she's trying to get across, if indeed she's got one.  Not that I'm expecting clarification on that any time soon, but I'm an easy-going kind of chap so an emoticon with a Christmas hat on and eyes looking up will do.

  • Ah but which one?





  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭

    I want to know who signed the papers to release her back into the community.

  • jeepers indeed. 

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