Where is the start?!

I am just about to book my accomomdation for the FLM weekend but as this is my first one, I don't know where the start is? Can anybody tell me so at least I can try to get somewhere close! Much appreciated


  • The start is at Blackheath, but a lot of people try to be near the finish as you don't feel much like travelling across London afterwards!

    We stopped in Victoria last year.

    You get free public transport to the start with you marathon number.
  • Cheers for the prompt reply. As I live in Spain I wanted to get the accommodation booked before it's too late. I have just booked into a Thistle hotel in Euston. Not too sure where this is in relation to the finish but hopefully somebody can let me know! Presumably there are post race parties!!!!
  • Gareth - you're not too far away, but not quite walking distance, esp after 26 miles of running. You'll want to get a taxi from trafalgar square back to your hotel I should think...
  • I might walk as I am sure there'll be a few 'watering holes' on the way back. Although I might need a wheelchair....
    Thanks for the useful info! At least I kinda know where I am going!
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