Arthroscopy Recovery

Could anyone offer me some advice,


I had an injury in my left knee while playing football. Sharp pain and swelling so I took one week rest and played again and this continued till 1 month (Only plays on Sunday). Pain increases during activities and subsides by taking rest. After one month I went to doctor. He did knee aspiration and suggested me to take MRI.


MRI report says


  1. Low grade sprain on the anterior cruciate ligament
  2. Grade II tear of the body and anterior horn of the lateral meniscus is seen not reaching up-to the articular surface
  3. Grade I tear of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus not reach up-to the articular surface
  4. MID effusion in the knee join
  5. Bone Marrow edema at the lateral tibial condyle anteriorly


Looking at the MRI report doctor suggested to undergo arthroscopic meniscus repair. I asked doctor, Do I really require surgery as I  am able to walk and climb the stair. He said, yes. So I agreed


Doctor did the Arthroscopy and removed the tore portion of meniscus. While doing knee arthroscopy doctor said that my ACL is  loose and 50% damaged. Then he told me he will teach me few exercises to strengthen the ACL. After surgery, I was able to walk after 35 hours. My physio taught me few exercises (for recovery) and I do these exercises every day. Now 20 days later I am still having same pain that I had before surgery. The consultant does not seem concerned but I am getting really frustrated and wonder if there is anything I should be doing to help?

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