Pain at the back of lower thigh above knee

I've picked up an injury that I haven't a clue what it could be. Just above the back of my knee at the bottom of my thigh. It doesn't hurt when walking or sitting but whenever I try to run it hurts and I have no power to run through it, it also hurts sometimes when I walk down stairs or stand from squatting. Any ideas what and how to treat it?


  • Something to point out is that I am a relatively new runner (4 months in), running up to 9 miles in around 85 mins.

    The injury is flaring up at the start of each run, sometimes I can run through it but today it caused me to bail halfway through for the first time
  • Probably hamstring.  How long ago did this start? 

    Usual treatment for any muscle / tendon strain - rest, ice, compression, elevation.  Some anti-inflammatory if necessary for pain. 

    Don't run through it - try alternative exercise such cycling or swimming if that doesn't cause pain.  Get some advice on hamstring strengthening to rebuild before you start pushing the running. 

  • The pain typically starts within the first half mile of a run but most times I have been able to run through it or have taken anti inflamatories prior to running. Daft I know and not something I'll be doing again. First noticed the pain about 2 weeks ago and has been present on each run since. I've suffered with tight hamstrings in the past, could this be a contributing factor?
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