Barcelona Marathon

Can anybody fathom out the Offical Web page and point me how to enter?


  • When does this race take place ? I absolutely love Barcelona and would be most keen to take part.
  • The official web site is but is in Spannish -- help !
  • Success , I have finally figured it out for English .
  • I found the Engilsh version too but it only mentions the 2002 marathon. The 2003 marathon is on March 16th but I still dont know how to enter
  • If you click on the Leisure Pursuits ad on the left hand side of the RW site, it includes Barcelona as one of the marathons it caters for.

    Spent a week in Barcelona last month. Lovely city, temperature 25C+ and on the hottest day while I was there I sat in the Parc Guel (sp?)for a while watching a couple of blokes doing hill reps around the centre of the park at 1pm and not even looking like they were warm. I was feeling overheated just watching them!
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