Calf Injury(ies!)

Hi -  My calf problems first began out for run in new shoes, tightening up during run.  Came home before got worse.  Since then and repeat of this I decided the different shoes (Saucony Pro Rides) may have contributed as forefoot much less flexible than my Vomeros so got a new pair of Nike Zoom Vomero 8's (had been completely fine with the 7's, no longer available).  Since then have had lots of problems with the calf (and time off) only to return very lightly (and I mean minutes!) last week for the other calf to 'pop'.  (These are strains, not ruptures).  Has turned into what is now 4 weeks off and I got a ballot place in the London Marathon (my first) so this is really worrying me a lot.  Am doing core work (which I have neglected in the past) and seeing physio/sports massage.  My question is this - stretching is meant to help with injury but I thought that static stretching was 'forbidden' before exercise.  The stretches I have seen for injury seem to be static stretching - confused!  Any tips and especially some reassurance that this Marathon dream isn't going to pass me by would be appreciated!  Thanks so much. 


  • I got this when i changed from vomero's to pegasus trainers and it was really annoying, same routine, but just pain in the calfs.

    so what i did (and i am no profressional) was everyday i stood on a stair and pushed my toes down calf up, if that makes sense. like you would a stretch..i started out small i.e. 10 or so on each leg and then went to 30 or 40 and this seemed to strengthen them really well and the problem seemed to go away.

    i also start off training very slowly for a kilometre or 2 and again this helps no end.

    recently i changed my trainers to Mizuno wave inspire 9's and wow what a difference to my legs after a good run, no pain at all.

    Hope this helps

  • Hi Mark - so sorry - I'm a newbie to this forum lark and have only just seen your response!  Thanks so much for the advice I will give that a go.  I am still struggling a little and have run just a few minutes with walks between this week - I have had to stop after about 7 as it feels sore - but next day OK.  Do you know is this normal when returning or should I assume not ready yet?  Thanks again - Michelle

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