Twice a day running?


Has any body followed the following?

thinking of making this my London 2014 training program.




  • Have you enough years of running to cope with it ?

    "once you have run a few marathons or have a number of years of background it is crazy to constantly go back to the beginning and try to build up endurance in just 12 to 16 weeks again. The biggest improvements come when you build the endurance and maintain it out of season then use progressive speedwork to come to a peak.

    The athletes I have coached have made their first big improvement when they have moved on to seven-days-a-week training; the second big improvement comes when they move on to twice a day. Firstly you must be ready to run seven days a week, in other words don???t jump straight in from a base of three or four days a week. Secondly, if you have established seven-days-a-week running, don???t move to 14 sessions per week overnight. All new training loads have to be gradually introduced so that the body can adapt to the new level of effort"
  • as you have not been doing any marathon training this year.just training for halves........then I would think you are planning on amking a big jump and risking injury.......

    unless i am wrong and you are already running 7 days a week and running long runs.

  • No need for twice daily runs ( Imo) until you are running at least 60+ a week and 7 days a week.
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    If I remember some of your previous posts you were thinking of aiming for a GFA at London 3.05. You should be able to achieve this off 5-6 sessions a week if you train smart. I think doing the twice a day programme may give higher reward but I think the amount of risk involved outweighs this.
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