Palma Marathon 2013

Just back from running Palma Marathon a week ago. I did 4:20, a PB for this year. I thought it was a great 10th anniversary event, so much so I wrote a blog about it. If anyone else did it, it would be good to know how you got on....thanks.


  • Hi joe

    6 of us from Lincoln Wellington went to Palma to do the event although i just did the half , it was our 2nd one and as ever it didnt dissapoint great German organization as ever although not having the water near the finish line was their only mistake we could see. For the record our runners did a 3 .01 a 3.06 3.15 a 3.16

    And a 3.45 i did 1 51 for the half

    We always makre a little break of it after and stayed till the Following Thursday .

    Would highly reccomend this event to anyone who fancies a Autumn marathon abroad.
  • Hi Chris, wow, your marathon runners all did gr8 times and you too for the half. It was the third time I've done Palma, and it was the best atmosphere and weather so far - last year there was a strong headwind and we got covered in seawater because the waves were so big. It was great weather all round this year - we stayed on for a holiday too and enjoyed some autumn sunshine. Thanks for your reply.

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