Groin strain

I pulled my groin 4 weeks ago - pulled it whilst doing hill sprints, then ran a 10 mile off road race a few days later which obviously finished it off! I've rested and iced and seen the physio every week. It's feeling better but still not great. I attempted to run on Saturday and managed 0.15 miles before hobbling back home. Has anyone pulled their groin? Any advice on how long it will take til I am back running again. I have a horrible feeling I am going to be out for a long time. Should I rest totally? Or can I do some other exercise? Was wondering if cycling or swimming might be ok? Am going mad!


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    I strained my groin a year ago and it's never been 100% since.

    I saw a physio for a few weeks and was advised to do some core work to strengthen the muscles around the injury. I rested up completely for about six/seven weeks and managed to slowly build my running back up.

    Six months later I manged to get around the Paris marathon, but that was probably a mistake as I was struggling on my long runs due to groin pain. I've been running through the summer/autumn but far less that I normally do and far shorter distances and I'm still not running freely again. I find if I try to either build pace or go long the pain returns although nothing like near as bad as with the original injury.

    From my reading on the subjuct groin injuries tend to get better when they will, often depending on how badly injured the muscle is. I wish you a faster recovery than I'm having.

  • Thanks for the reply - poor you!  I have a horrible feeling this injury is going to take a long time to heal.  I have no desire to run a marathon, but was looking forward to my first half marathon in November.  If I have to be a 10k'er for the rest of my life I wouldn't mind that, as long as I can run them well!

    Even 'running' that very short distance a few days ago seems to have set it back again as I can feel it when I'm walking now. 

    Hope you heal fully soon.

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