1st run back in 2 weeks

Hi all,

Went out this afternoon for 1st run in 2 weeks due to chest infection. Also wearing brand new trainers with insoles for 1st time.

Ran 1st mile feeling great although when checked my pace was running faster than should have been, then all of a sudden got a really sharp pain in left calf like someone poking it with a hot poker. Walked home and now an hour later feels uncomfortable to walk and a constant niggling feeling.



  • RICE

    Rest Ice compression elevation- you've been off two weeks so fitness will have dropped anyway.. don't risk more time off by trying to run again and causing an injury.. See how it feels the next day etc- try starting by brisk walking then jogging and keep an eye on pace / how you feel that way..
    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • I had the same problem in both legs and found out it was new trainers / newshoes image

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