Sorry yet another calf question !

Because over recent years I have become prone to soft tissue injuries I have tended to cycle rather than run but as we all know that in no way compensates for running.

But now with the onset of Winter I really do think its time to get back to doing some serious running. With that in mind I recently called into The Tristore Eastbourne and was discussing the matter with Lawrence and his advice was to get a regular sports massage because if it can lessen the chance of sustaining an injury it has to be worth the cost. That definitely seems good advice to me but now to the point of my message ; having badly torn one of my calf muscles and been advised by the hospital that it was inoperable would any form of massage be a waste of money or is it an injury which I have now had for over two years I can come back from.

I do know that I do have to become more disciplined when it comes to doing calf stretching exercises if I want to run more frequently.

I welcome any advice that anyone could offer on this matter.


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