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Hi everyone,

I am looking for a suitable jacket now winter is approaching.I am a bit baffled by the choice out there. I need something lightweight, breathable but that gives some protection against the elements. I get quite warm, quite quickly. I don't want to spend too much (£50-£60). I am still pretty new to running but am out for a couple of hours at a time.


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  • Mr BoatMr Boat ✭✭✭

    Plenty of info on jackets in the hundred or so other threads asking about jackets. Have a search.

  • The Marmot precip will probably fit your budget; have a google for some reviews; they're normally pretty decent.  I have one, but I'm yet to wear it.  If it's raining I just normally get wet.  But some races I enter require a waterproof jacket to be taken (with some other stuff), so I take the Marmot.

    Mrs Easy has an Atomic Montane she uses for fell races, which she says is top bannana, but probably outside of your price range.


  • I don't think you need spend that much. Check out lidl and Aldi. They do lightweight rain jackets and thicker ones as well.

    I've spent ??150 on cycling jackets and can't really see there's a huge difference between that and a cheaper one in functionality. It might look a bit better but otherwise....
  • I would disagree with cougie. I have a Castelli Legger waterproof / wind resistant jacket that I bought for a marathon I ran earlier this month. It peed down non stop. I also wore it on Saturday in Beachy head 10k race, though I was warm it offered great protection against the wind. I don't cope with the elements so need better protection than most. It's worth paying for better quality clothing. You get a better product. I don't cope with weather very well at all so what I require maybe more than most. I wear gloves in the summer to stop my fingers going white.


    I have a range of windproof jackets as well but these aren't waterproof.



  • I do have a Castelli Gabba that I used in the Italian Alps this year. Nice bit of kit.

    Paired it with my Aldi rainjacket. Which seems to work just as well as my Rapha rainjacket - but I'm less precious about the Aldi kit getting mucky. image
  • I've got a cheapie Decathlon wind proof which does the job.  If you run hot (like I do), then a waterproof jacket is a choice between getting wet from the rain or soaked from sweat.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    It all depends what you need it for.

    For the last 5 years I have used cheap ones from Aldi, TK Maxx, Sports Direct which have been fine for Marathon training.

    Next year I am doing some events which specify certain requirements on their mandatory kit lists so I will have to invest in a proper waterproof one for those.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I've got a few from Decathlon and Aldi and they do hold their own in the elements against the more expensive brands.

    For winter - I normally wear layers and then have a windproof/waterproof jacket over the top (dependent upon weather).

  • roebyroeby ✭✭✭

    ronhill do a good one for that price.

  • I've not worn a jacket for running for years.  I get warm quickly, and don't find I need anything more than a long-sleeved top, even in really cold weather.

    I also use a headband to keep my ears warm, and thin fleece gloves, but both of those usually get taken off and stuffed down my tights after a couple of miles.

    Why not wait for the colder weather to start, and see whether you really need a jacket before paying out money for one?

  • Gloves and a beanie hat, the hat usually comes off after 3-5k 

  • I have a water proof jacket i got from "Do Running" for £10 / £15 and it seems to work a treat. Have a look in their Sale section.

  • MACbMACb ✭✭✭

    i see Aldi have some very cheap ones, even better they have a gilet. in my opinion a gilet (sleeveless jacket) is more functional and comfotable.

  • +1 for ronhill

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