First-timer Friendly 10ks for 2014

Hi all,

So, I've been running 'properly' since the spring, having previously run on a treadmill all last year to lose weight and get fit...and guess what... I'm officially hooked (no surprises there I know!). I normally run 3 times a week - a couple of shorter evening runs (about 3-4 miles) and a longer 6-8 mile one on my day off. All well and good but it's definitely time to be brave and enter my first 'race' to keep my motivation up through winter.

So simple question - anyone got any recomendations for any fun and novice-friendly 10ks for next year? Looking through the events on here, and other websites, there seems to be too many to choose from so I was hoping some of you might have a favourite suited to an utter newbie that won't put me off running for good! Ideally in KentSussexLondon area but I do get to the Midlands and Cumbria a fair bit so can travel. I'm laid up with an evil 'lurgy' right now so hopefully entering some events for next year will stop me going utterly mad until I feel well and can run again




  • Some of the Race for Life's do a 10 km as well as a 5.  They are lots of fun. However you have to measure your time yourself as they don't chip you.  Easy if you have a watch. You can be as competitive as you want. There might be one not too far from you. Sorry can't help with other races as new myself.



  • I did my first 10k last year on one of the Maxifuel Winter Series 10k at Dorney Lake near Windsor, site of the Olympic rowing races. Almost completely flat as you're running round the rowing lake, and thoroughly reccomended.

    There are some Maxifuel event taking place again in Jan-Mar 2014, as well as some by VOTWO Feb-Apr. You should be able to find them in the runnersworld race search.


  • Thanks for the replies guys...I'll definitely have a look at the Maxifuel events. I bet the Dorney one was great, especially being so flat. Considering how much hillwalking I do I still don't enjoy running hills, which isn't great when you live on one! Really must make the effort and do some proper hill training I fear
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