noobie finally saying hi!

Hi guys, after a few months of perusing these forums I'm finally plucking up the courage and saying hello! I'm relatively new to this exercising lark, I started running back in March and have completed a 10k and a half marathon, saying that, the idea of a triathlon just won't go away! only problem is, I can't bloody swim! I'm not gonna use that as an excuse though, planning on starting lessons in December. But most of all I REALLY WANNA BE A PIRATE! do I really have to enter an IM as a first event?lol.



  • Good Lord, do you really want to initiate THAT discussion?

  • Hello and welcome though... there is a c**p swimmers thread around! Might give you a boost! Hows your biking looking?

  • swimming would sure help in the first place  image

  • and I spose that ventures the question, why do you really want to be a pirate ?


  • Is it not because EVERYONE looks good in yella?

  • Doubtful ...   image

  • Hi back!  And yes image

  • Hi from me. Have fun, nothing else matters. Ha ha. it's a blast.

  • thanks for the welcome guysimage Mrs digger, my biking isn't too bad, I'm not really worried about that, though it does need work, just a case of putting in more miles, it's my swimming I'm more worried about. The thing about the pirates is that you guys don't take everything mega serious and I love a bit of banter lol, and being ex forces I can quite easily take the piss out of myselfimage I was once on another forum (climbing)and they seemed to hate newbies asking questions that were obvious to them, not very friendly at all. And I've been told tri is a very friendly activity, so I don't mind asking numpty questions...and I am a numpty lol. I'm looking to enter a couple of Sprint distance to start with, I've got two marathons to run next year so training for an IM would be difficult...maybe 2015 will be my yearimage

  • Justplod .. if you are training for two marathons then an IM could just sneak in quite happily  image

  • JustPlod welcome if you fancy IM just go for it plenty of time to improve your swim over 30 odd weeks of training my buddy went from non front crawler in Feb to IMuK in the August just get a good teacher

  • Speak for yourself Mrs I look freaking awesome in Yellow image not at all like the hindenburg threatening to blow at any minute image

  • SuckitupButterCup wrote (see)

    Speak for yourself Mrs I look freaking awesome in Yellow image not at all like the hindenburg threatening to blow at any minute image

    Yeah I look awesome in yella......  

  • I took my son for a night swin a week ago and so I gave him my pirate trisuit to wear under the wetsuit.....

    he is a little chunkier than me and he did make a remark about the trisuit looking a bit tight and unflattering on him.I told him that everyone looks good in the black and yellaimage

  • Ay up mate for your swimming you might not be as bad as you think you are just need to get in the pool a bit. Second the cr*p swimmer's thread. If your near a local tri club might be able to get some coaching sesson's with them if any good?

  • I'm based in Birmingham so have a few tri clubs near me to choose from, BRATs seem to be pretty popular do I'll get in touch with them. my swimming is actually that bass lol, I can just about do a bad breast stroke which my wife taught me on holiday a few years ago, it's mainly a confidence issue, but I'm determined to overcome that! cheers for the input guys and gals...all I need now is a decent iron distance eventimage

  • .... ah.  There you may struggle    image

  • the thought was there lol

  • Come out for the Outlaw and join in the fesitivies of the drinks station...

  • Hi and welcome image

    I will second the suggestion of joining in the fun at Outlaw feedstation and the essential post race booooooooooooooooooooze up.

  • now that sounds like a bloody good plan! July 27th?

  • If you do that i guarantee you will be so inspired you sign up gor Outlaw 2015image 

  • good to hear Ridgebackmax, it's a localish event for me so would be ideal....and being a northerner I do like a good drink!

  • Come on down mate and get drunk with us all. image

    I've had dealing with brat at races and they seen like a good bunch well worth getting to know. If it's any help I can still only breast stroke now and I've done 2 IM swim's both outlaw although DNF the bike for one of thouse.

  • You'll fit right in then image

  • watched coverage of this year's outlaw on youtube last night, it looks bloody awesome! definitely DEFINITELY signing up for 2015...SOLD to the man at the back! well still come down and support next year too, the support looks just as good as the taking partimage

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