Black running gear

I've tried to avoid black running tops as concerned about visibility, but have now seen a jacket I really like. Thought I'd see what other's views are on the pros and cons. Anyone run regularly in a black jacket/top. Any problems? Concerns? Jacket I like has a grid of reflective slips but these may not show up well daytime or dusk. Alternative is darkish purple. Am not really sure if this would be any more visible anyway! I mainly run on lit pavements. I always check for cars before crossing road, but want them to see me too.


  • Just buy a cheap fluo mesh vest to wear over the top ? Then you can wear whatever you want.
  • Yes, that's what I do - I've got a Ronhill one.

  • Yup, £4 mesh vest (like the builders use) though it is a shame to cover up my nice gore jacketimage

  • I've got a vest thing as well, that coupled with my luminous hat and gloves makes me feel pretty Noticeable! 

  • Good thing about the vest is you can put it over a tee shirt and run at night in the summer.
  • never bother about hi viz myself. use a powerful headtorch at night if outwith streetlights and most of the gear has reflective bits.

  • I've got a flashing and reflecting LED band which I can wear on my arm and on my ankle. Need it more for walkers than cars though...
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I normally just put a hi -viz over the top and accessorise with LED lights on my arm/leg.

  • If fashion wasn't more important than health and safety, high-heels would be illegal.  So if the black jacket is cool, then buy it.

  • Thanks fr all the responses. So it appears most people aren't keen on black running tops either (or at least no one has answered saing they wear black and it's fine!) and either cover them with high viz jackets or use extra led lights. Which begs the question - why do manufacturers make black running jackets?!

    I decided to go with the purple. Will be a bit more visible and if I still have concerns I'll look into getting some extra lights.

  • Catalin Bond wrote (see)

     Which begs the question - why do manufacturers make black running jackets?!


    many people don't run at night.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Catalin -I always wear black but add on bits and pieces as I need to. If i'm running at night - i'll wear a hi-viz - if it's reduced visibility i'll add on lights as well. Most runners like black because its slimming.

    I have a bright orange running jacket but that still didnt stop me from being knocked over by a car... so I wouldnt worry too much about the colour - just the other stupid drivers on the roadimage

  • I wear black and it's fine, anything other than white or hi viz yellow looks black at night anyway. Away from built up areas lights are the way to go. The hi-viz and reflectors only show up once they have been lit up by the vehicles lights but a light on you will be visible earlier.

  •  Which begs the question - why do manufacturers make black running jackets?!


    'cos the yellow ones look kak?

  • I "see" a good few runners out very early in the morning when driving to work and its still dark wearing all black running gear...well I see them at the very last second as they are almost invisible and doing themselves no favours at all .image

  • MACbMACb ✭✭✭

    a fluorescent bib might be the best investment any runner makes.

  • If its dark - then Fluo isnt much better than black.

    But as the vests have big reflectives on - that's what you'll see.
  • MACbMACb ✭✭✭

    yes, I assumed that all of the fluoro bibs have multiple reflectives on them. In fact almost all running gear does.

  • i wouldn't say purple was any better than black in the dark unless it has more reflective panels.

  • I agree skotty, but it might be more visible around dusk or on a dull day. At night they both had reflecting panels. Will need to test how visible this is and whether I need more lights/ a bib.
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