Asics Target 26.2 Paris Marathon 2014

Who has thrown their hat in the ring for this? What are people's thoughts on it?

I have - in case that's not obvious.



  • I haven't yet! Just weighing it up. Entered last year and went to bootcamp which was an amazing experience. Have a place in the VLM the week after Paris but hey if I was picked could just enjoy the London crowds! Good luck SCBB!
  • I'm in image threw my hat in the ring image current pb 4:36:59 

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I wish everyone luck who has entered!

  • I have entered. I've won quite a few competitions recently, so fingers crossed.

  • Good luck guys!! Was an absolutely fantastic experience and the support was amazing!! Also running TR24 with buddies that I met at Bootcamp so even if you don't make it all the way, you'll come out with friends at the other end!  image

  • Thanks RunnyRunRun - nice to hear it from someone who knows.  Well done and congratulations (belatedly) btw.

  • I wish there was a sub 4:15 group image

    The 4:30 group is only taking 7 min off, so said sub 4:00 which would be rather a large challenge... oh well allowed to dream image

  • I've entered, not really sure how you can express how much it means in 150 words but worth a shot.

    I've never run a marathon but would be targeting sub 3 hours on my first outing. Plus I've never won a competition in my life so it's about time image


  • Just entered.  Would be an amazing experience and might actually get myself into  better running shape...

    Agree re sub 4.15 group...

  • bootrunk/Mightymoo - even though the categories are wide you can aim for anything within them!  I'm the same, have gone for sub 3h30m group but want sub3h15m.


    Stevie See - Tricky isn't it.  I wrote it in word first to play around with and used exactly 150 words but is was hard to convey what I wanted to.

  • SCBB I rushed my form and wish i could do it all again, but that's like life in general for me.

    I should have taken a week to craft the perfect 150 words instead i mumbled on about i'd love to do it as it seems fun and would be great to have proper training. If we were on twitter an epicfail tag would be somewhere in this post image

  • SCBB: Or I should have said aww please pick me i gave you a free advert on page 21 this month, so gimme a chance at the bootcamp :0

  • booktrunk - oh don't get me wrong mine was rushed, impatience!!! Although I used all 150 words they might not have been very good! I think the free advert might swing it image

  • I work as a teacher and did it between lesson planning, then realised it was near midnight and still had things to do so rushed it a tad. Ah well, I'll let my handsome looks on the picture do the talking image

  • So we are all doomed then SCB and Stevie See image

  • I'm in for it as well. So hard to sell yourself over 150 measly words! I just wrote 'pick me' 75 times.

  • Like the approach Gingermagic...

  • Thank you, I expect an email any day now. image

  • Hmmm.... now realising I should have given a lot more thought to my 150 words. But I got smurfed by both London and Berlin, so 3rd time lucky ?

  • So far only six people have declared their hand Kevin Payne so we might all make it. image

  • Wouldn't it be awesome image 

    we should have thread t-shirts printed become our own running club for the day. Yes..... I 'm being silly image

  • You've got to be in it to win it and I'm in it! How many more sleeps til we find out?

  • 10 til the close of entries and then a short time after.....

  • Want to knowimage 

  • Thrown my best funny hat into the mix, wait and see image !!

  • I did this morning. Sounds ACE! image

  • I'm in......sub 3.30

    Hope to get a look in at least!

  • Entered last year and thought it was exciting just waiting to hear back.  Hopefully this year will the volume will be louder and I will hear back with an invite not just a image

    Got to be positive. image

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I"m seeing a lot of new time posters here and the one thing that I want to encourage is that regardless if you get in or not - hang around.... talk and interact with others on the forum. It's a nice place and there are other marathons to do image

    If you still want to do Paris - the entries are still open and theres a thriving thread on here for the Paris marathon itself.

    So regardless of what happens... hang around image

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