Asics Target 26.2 Paris Marathon 2014



  • Shhhh if you aren't careful we will have a party!! image

    Can we just whisper until after the entrance closes then we can shoutimage

    PS... the smileys are a clue, no i'm not being serious.

  • I'm in as well.....i'm sure there wont be too many entries image

    If I get in then I will have Paris, London and the Edinburgh in 2 glorious months next year. Some people might think that sounds like madness....but to me it conjures up great dreams of HAPPINESS imageimageimageimageimage

    Good Luck to everyone that enters!

  • I have Milton Keynes in May and The Wall (69m) in June.  So would be awesome to have some real training wouldn't it. Not even had gait analysis just did the wet foot test from here and that seemed to work for me so far.

  • Very true Booktrunk....I have only done 5 marathons but been fairly happy with each performance...but would like to get professional advice (rather than my own head-in-the-cloud ideas) to maybe get closer to the elusive sub-3 hour target!!!

    We all have our own aspirations and dreams but i'm sure any advice from the Asics team would benefit everyone.

  • Far too good an opportunity to not! Has anyone had any kind of confirmation email or anything saying that it's been received. Buzzing at the thought of getting in. Of and hi guys!
  • Huevos: no, no confirmation email. 

  • Ive entered again, who knows might be lucky image 

  • Only another 2 days 17 and a half hoursimage 


  • Entered again. Do you get a guaranteed entry if you're not picked for a number of years? image 

    Though not sure if my entry will be accepted image  I only have an iPad at the mo and it won't play with Adobe Flash Player meaning I am unable to upload a photo. I've emailed the Editor and crossed my fingers. Hopefully my profile pic will suffice.......

    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • I haven't entered this year, but got thru to bootcamp a couple of years ago, when they changed the categories. They had things like , Pb chaser, Busy life style, first timer etc. Now it looks like they're gone back to set targets again, which they had 3/4 yrs ago. But I thought they got rid of that idea, cus most of the chosen ones, failed to hit the targets they were aiming for. Anyway, good luck to all of you, and I'll be watching/following over the next few monthsimage.

  • I screwed up and put down sub 4h even though my best is 4:36 I said it's a bit of a impossible challenge to get sub 4 but would love to try. I wish I'd said sub 4:30 and said about 4:10-4:25 but hey oh! just got to keep fingers crossed!! Is it 11am tomorrow entries close? 

  • Good luck to everyone. Fingers crossed for tomorrow. 

  • Don't laugh but  I was all excited thinking about this last night and couldn't sleep, when I eventually did I had a really weird dream about being in some sort of dancing / elimination competition, A really bizarre screwed up bootcamp day! I think madness is taking hold! image

  • If there is any x-factor style singing or dancing... I'm definitely 100% image

    If it is only running I guess I have a better chance...50/50.


  • Yeah, but the weird thing is I don't watch any of those shows, been forced to sit through about 20 minutes of the dancing one, once. That's it.  I much prefer sci-fi / fantasy to stuff like that image Good Luck Dave image

  • Cheers..I DON'T watch these kind of shows myself.. but when you have a wife and four kids you are kept in the loop about every crap programme on the tellyimage

  •  image imageimage About sums me up.

  • Sigh......... I've never been good at waiting image

    "Entries to our ASICS Target 26.2 2014 project have now closed. Over the next few days we’ll be whittling down the applications to a final 50, who will join us at Bootcamp.

    Bootcamp is scheduled for 29 November 2013, when we’ll be putting our 50 shortlisted runners through their paces for the day. Find out more about the day.

    If you applied for our 2014 project, we’ll let you know if you’ve been successful very soon. "

  • Very soon....

  • I bet their very soon, and our very soon are a little differentimage especially, as they mentioned "Over the next few days"....

  • ..and days...

  • Very soon....

  • Really hope I get through!!! Good Luck everyone


  • No-one heard anything yet!?? Deep down I think there is no chance of getting in, but then there is a glimmer of hope-you've got to be in it to win it!???

  • Not heard anything............. fingers crossed!!

  • I heard something, but like Booktrunk image it was just a dream......

    ".... I believe I can fly......."


    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • So.... Don't know if any of you have been wondering how many applied.... If you were, here is the answer.


    Sam Murphy ‏SamMurphyRuns 30m

    runnersworlduk #asics262 project - so excited to find out who I'll be coaching!

  • So if an even amount applied to each group then that's a 1 in 52 change of getting to bootcamp, but I guess some times have more people than others going for them. image

  • Hello all! Im tigger! I made it to bootcamp last year and met some great people, who I now class as good friends! Iv entered again!

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