The Old Deer Park Richmond 10K

Just entered this 10K

Anyone done this before?

Looks like a nice course!

Going for a run now,,,,


  • I did it a couple of years ago and enjoyed the simple route, small field and chance for me to push my time without having to fight with fun runners or get lost in hundreds of club runners. That said, it looks as if they're upped the entry numbers this year, which could be interesting given that we share the river path with the general public.

  • Hi Energized,

    Been away and came back to see the wrath of St. Jude...the towpath has fallen trees you need to jump/step over and also a huge tree which is broken off and dangerously perched over another (you cross underneath to get by). Level with The London Arms in Old Isleworth.

    Sorry to sound like a fuss budget but has anyone had a look or been in touch with the Council?




  • Hi Joelle, was running that path today and agree you could not run a race on it. they'll get round to it eventually, hope it's before this event!

  •  Hi Rachel, yup, that's where I run every (other) day too...I don't need my runs to be harder than they already are image

  • Hi Joelle and Rachel, has the pathway ben cleared yet do either of you know?  Sorry to invade your thread Avron.

  • Hi Col,

    Think so: they definitely cleared the Richmond end and on Wednesday had to turn back by the Kew Gardens car park as a council truck was reversing for the same thing I think.

    Gulp, no excuses nowimage


  • Thanks for that Joelle, might see you there! image

  • Where is the best place to park for this event? 

  • The event email gives the answer:


    If travelling by car, parking is available for over 400 cars at Old Deer Park Car Park (TW9 2RA) which is located opposite the event HQ. This is free until 11.00am on Sundays, after which a charge of £0.75 per each half hour applies (you can pay when you arrive and will be issued a ticket to start at 11.00am). We anticipate that this car park will fill up very quickly and so, if you intend to use this car park we recommend that you arrive early to give yourself enough time to find alternative parking should this be necessary.

    Among others alternatives, we suggest Ranelagh Drive which is adjacent to Twickenham Bridge (TW1 1QZ) and a five minute walkto the event - once parked, cross Richmond Footbridge and turn right towards the narrow bridge that leads into Old Deer Parkand to race HQ. However, there is also plenty of metered parking (free on Sunday) available in the local area around Kew Roadand the surrounding areas. Please note there will be no parking allowed in the Pools in the park car park at the entrance of OldDeer Park. Anyone that tries to park here could get clamped so we advise the other areas mentioned above. This car park is only for members using the gym and we cannot stress this enough that no parking please!!!

  • Is there a cut off time for this event? It's my first 10k and estimate approx 12.5 minute miles will that be OK?
  • I don't see anything on the site/email about cutoff times - if there is one it's normally mentioned. I think you should be Okat that pace

  • Good luck all, looking forward to it now!
  • hi can i just turn up and enter? thanks in advance, it says i can but ive seen this contradicted before so just making sure, thanks

  • Andy, did you come and enter?  It looked like there were entries on the day.

    What did you all think?  I felt a little sorry for the marshalls at the first road crossing, there was no way to avoid that traffic chaos, the rest of it was fun and enjoyable!

    Managed a PB by 3mins (according to my watch, i was at 56:28), so really happy image

  • results are available here:

    no issues with traffic for me - some brave marshal's stopping traffic did a great job


  • Same here no traffic issues and really enjoyed it image and as a bonus got a new PB!

  • Matt, thanks for the links to the results. Chip time for me was 2secs faster than watch time image  There was another me as well! Although my namesake was a minute faster...

  • How do I add my running clubs name to the results? Andi Gibson 45.09 - Club Ewell and Epsom Harriers - if anyone on here has the access to do that please image

  • Wow! What an Amazing event! Loved every minute of it - The best run I've done so far.

    So many goodies at the end I didn't have enough hands LOL

    Marshalls were so enthusiastic it was nice to see!

    Well done Energized Sports - Top Job


  • yes wonderful race image

  • Hi Energized,

    A great event overall, really friendly marshals who were put through their own paces by the first crossing. My first 10k in a not too shabby time and now looking ahead, maybe Kingston.

    And well done Rachel!


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