No weight bearing activity for 10 days

Calf mussel has gone again, no weight bearing excercise for 10 days, not even the bike.
I went down to the pool this morning & did 100 lengths, got board s***less.
I can't think of anything else though. I surpose I should do a rep session in the pool to get the heart rate up.

Is there anything else.
Does the rower work the calf.


  • Hi Pizza Man, I'd say the rower works most of the leg muscles to some extent, I'd stick with the swimming if I were you, it's only 10 days and better to get the injury healed once for all.


  • PM,
    Try a static circuit. Time yourself for the maximum number of reps in one minute for each exercise. Then divide the number of reps in half. Then do each exercise in the fastest possible time repeating the whole sequence three times. Suggested exercises are:-

    Press Ups
    Sit ups
    Bench dips
    Seated leg raises (sit on a chair, raise legs out horizontal and tense Quads - no weights)
    Press ups with thumbs touching
    stomach crunches
    Back crunches
    Pess ups - wide arms
    leg raises

    If your calf is up to it and as it gets stronger you can throw in some leg excercies instead of all the press ups like squats, squat thrusts and Burpees
    Hope its some help,
  • Er...Aqua-aerobics? Aqua-combat?

    I like Jim's idea of static circuits. No harm in using this as an opportunity to work on your upper body, abs and back. Even elites sometimes take time out for this purpose.

    Hope you're better soon!

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Thanks guys,

    As you say Jenks, only 10 days, when, if I try something else it could be 10 weeks.
    Jim, that sounds like it should get the heart rate up & hurt the next day too. If I alternate that with the swimming it should see me thru.
    V-rap, is there not some simple op I can have that will rid me of this problem (baring amputation).

    All the best
  • Alas, Pizza man, there isn't! If your achilles tendon had ruptured, it could be repaired surgically, but it's pretty much impossible to strengthen muscle, or muscle/tendon junctions, with an operation (the exception being hernia repairs, but even then it's not really the muscle that is strengthened).

    All those advances in modern medicine and we can't cure the common cold or repair runners' calves. Bloody useless, eh?
  • It's gotta be swimming !
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