Loch Ness Monster, sorry Marathon

I've signed up!  Whoop, wanted to do this one for ages image

It's not just me either, I know of other pirates going too!  Anyone else interested?  Go on .. you know you want to. image 

28th September 2014 and you're guaranteed to see the monster.  Or maybe they just make you run 26.2 miles, something like that.



  • Not a pirate but have signed up already image My top tip for completing this with little pain is to do plenty of hill reps and down as much as upimage

  • Cool Andi, you've done it before then? 

  • First and only Marathon (4:55:02) In a nutshell it's about 8 miles downhill (2,500ft maybe) 8 miles flat/undulation then a 'hill' then it's just 10k till then endimage It is a negative incline, my Garmin suggests 2000ft up and 3000ft down.

    It felt quite bizarre being driven 26.2 miles in a convoy of coaches then left in the middle of nowhere apart from a tea stand and 50 or so portaloos. Not much support, just the odd pocket of people in villages (quite a good turnout in Dores where supporters were giving me Jelly Babys) More people out at you get into Inverness.

  • If my delicate little leggies survive IM Austria then I will do it this year.  It's kinda rude not to do a marathon so close to your own backyard.

  • I've entered image

  • I'm in. 

    It was either Causeway Marathon at the Giants Causeway (which in fairness is also a brilliant venue) or this and the coin turned up for this.

  • I'm in. First (stand-alone) marathon image

  • I have promised myself a rest for the whole of september........but might be persuaded.......

    do you need a passport to fly to scotland from wales......for some reasopn i thought you might 


  • not yet.

  • actually, was being flippant there but some airlines might insist on a passport. a driving license is ok for some though.

  • Seren ... you know you want too .... image 

  • i have just been reading and it does seem to depend on the person on the desk image


     i want to Pingu but don't thinbk my body will still be willing.i am pushing it with the vit

  • .. I know.. and it get's expensive too! image

    Yay to Nursey, VT'd and Pugsley!  Have you signed up yet or planning to?  I know Hope has image

    Skotty, you in?

  • This one has been on my list for a while.image

  • I've signed up and I'm now all fixtured out. 

    Wanted to swap IM Copenhagen for Nice but sold out two days before I was paid.

    So now it reads IM Copenhagen end Aug, Loch Ness Marathon end Sept and Dublin Marathon end Oct. 

    Hoping a spring and summer season of half marathons and IM training will lay me a decent base.

  • Hey KK, life is grand thank you, and I hope you are every bit as well.

    Injury free and now running as bad as I ever did image.  Debt free and still as broke as I ever was.  Had a new girlfriend but was just as unsettled as I ever was image .

    Apart from all that I am loving life and busy, just generally being an arsehole. 

    Mid-life crisis and male menopause...you girls get it way too easy!!


  • Pingu, I've entered. 

    Well, it was a whole £1 cheaper before 1st Nov, and I am Scottish

  • Toucs and I are in image

  • Nurse Ratched wrote (see)

    Pingu, I've entered. 

    Well, it was a whole £1 cheaper before 1st Nov, and I am Scottish


    now my scottish heritage has got my fingers twitching......a discount you say....image

  • I've not entered yet but if I do that is going to be a long summer HC, Toucs and I will have together!

  • I was thinking that earlier Pug image

  • From their website .....

    the race organisers would ask that all runners be sensitive about rubbish disposal, noise levels, listen to marshals instructions, and use only the Portaloos provided. As we’re sure you would expect, we do not tolerate antisocial behaviour.

    So, I guess that's you out Seren image

  • I'm liking the idea of summer marathon training. 

    Garr is on board as well image

  • image Yay!

    Rafi, are you going to do it?

  • image Will there be balloons? image

  • There will be Haggis Bombs image

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