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Hi all, we're after some feedback for the mag, please see below from Adrian and get in touch... 

Have you come back from a severe injury or re-discovered your running mojo?

We are putting together a piece for RW on making a comeback to running after a lay off from it and wondered if any of you might be able to help.

We are keen to hear from any runners (male/female, any age, must be UK based) who have had to take a break from running because of a serious running-related injury.

And we also want to hear from any of you who have simply lost your running mojo but have recently discovered your passion for running again. Maybe you started entering more races, joined a club, ran for a charity or tweaked your runs to make them more interesting. If that sounds like you and you want to share how you got your love of running back, please contact me.

If you would like to email me directly I can explain a little bit more about this article.

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Thanks in advance



  • Still have two more weeks of the boot before I can think of my comeback.

  • Had the boot off for a week now.  Still going to be a few weeks before I can run again.

  • Hey Surrey Runner, that's progress, at least. Have you got strengthening exercises to do? Are you allowed to swim or cycle or anything?

  • Consultant said I could swim and cycle, but not to start running until no pain.  And then only gradually.  He was a bit concerned about me doing the commute to work.  Without the boot I often have to stand on the train.

    Said I was getting a bit too old for running at 43.





  • well having had to stop running in July 2011 with groin pain which eventually and I mean eventually was diagnosed as Femoro-actabular impingment with labral tear which involved an operation now almost 1 year ago, I am doing a lot of strengthening exercises and may contemplate a very graded return to running in the new year.


    I used to be a marathon runner but long distance is probably out.


    And wait for it, I may need the same op in my other hip in due course.


    There has been a number of successful returns to running on the femoro-acetabular impingement thread, and a lot of other frustrations, you may wish to check that out. Especially perhaps a girl called "Pipes" - same op as me both hips back doing parkrun successfully last I heard, good on her.

  • Ran competitive upto 2008 and had serious injury following cycling accident and several major head surgeries (but due to ear problems)

    Ran for 6 months in 2011 and stopped.. Wasn't fully into it and had my daughter born Feb 2012 which I put first

    But now the comeback is on- running properly this year- started 20 miles a week from April and now running well and aiming to be competitive

    Hit new 5km PB image 16:16
    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • PipesPipes ✭✭✭

    Thanks for the mention, parklife.  I emailed Adrian directly but forgot to post on here.  After over 2.5 years out with hip impingement (same thing as parklife), I've had a PB at 10 miles and won a half marathon just over a week ago. I hope to do a marathon sometime in the next year or two, depending on how the hips get on with the distance.  I'm mainly just happy to be running again, especially on club runs. I'm much more sensible now than I was before the big injury.

  • Congrats Pipes that is pretty inspirational.


    I would very much like to hear an update on your rehab, just tips and advice and pitfalls etc, especially the latter stages around getting back to running.

    My physio was assertive that I should be contemplating no more than 5 km a week, and do more swim and biking.


    And the radiologist said there had been stories of the shaved bone growing back! heard anything similar?


    Congrats again!


  • Managed to walk a mile on the treadmill today, at 22.13 pace.....

  • SR: Hey, that's a start! I'm not seeing the consultant again until mid-Feb. Really hoping I'll be allowed to do more after that - maybe start some specific exercises or something. At the moment it's swimming, Pilates and e.g. cycling to the local shops. I'm doing a lot of Pilates, 'cos I can do that at home, making it much more practical than swimming.

  • Had a toe fusion 5 months ago for arthritus (helix regidus) knitted and am on the treadmill to remove the stone in weight !!  40 min 10k last race. Year befoe near that image

    aches like buggery!!!

  • Used to be a keen runner and ran London Marathon twice with a best time of 4.16 in 2004 (I was 40 and part of the "Flora 40" team).

    Ten years on (50 this week) and I am having a right hip replacement on Dec 18th. I have not been able to run any sort of distance for about 2 years, and over the last few months my mobility has gradually reduced so that now I can only walk about half a mile before the pain gets too much.

    A year ago I cycled from Derby to Borehamwood in a day (110 miles) for charity.

    So I am really hoping that I can get back into running after my operation, its been so long since I ran that I have almost forgotten how good it feels ! I don't suppose I will ever run a marathon, and in any case my left hip is going the same way as my right, but if I could do 10k in under an hour I would be happy.


  • Three minutes on the treadmill yesterday.  No pain at time but sore the day after.  Give it another two weeks before I try again.

  • Ran competitively to an OK standard between 1983 and 1999 - 2:41 marathon, 75 half etc, got injured on the 22nd June 1999 didn't run again until 31st December 2010 after the doctor had poked me in the ribs and said oi fatty lose it - have been running ever since - have done 2020 miles so far this year,  not fast anymore but just enjoying being out and about.

    Details can be found on the Starting Again From the Beginning thread.

  • I shattered my elbow in January ( while training for VLM - slipped on ice - don't run in the snow is my advice! Managed to get back to running mid year and achieved a PB at the Ealing Half.

    5 weeks ago the surgeo removed all the metal they put into my elbow so I had to have some time off but now about to start training for my deferred VLM! I have very little movement in that elbow and my recent surgery went through the tricep muscle so it is all a bit rubbish, but I am strapping it up and getting on with it.

  • Managed another three minutes today.

  • Surrey - keep at it.  Just posted about my "life changing" injury and saw this thread - feel a bit of a tw@t to be honest.  Im 43 too so at least i have age in common.  Hope you had  a great Christmas and please let us know how you are doing.

  • Surrey Runner: well done for the latest three minutes. Good luck for the next lot - or even four or five minutes?

    Rachel: don't skimp on the exercises the physio gives you for that arm. I remember how immobile mine was after six weeks immobilisation following a dislocated shoulder, and how silly it seemed doing "weights exercises" with first nothing in my hand, then 0.5 kg... but I did the exercises 3-4 times a day, and the weigh I was using increased, and the range of motion increased, and I got back to pretty much normal, eventually. Can't promise that for your elbow, but it IS worth doing the exercises.  And good luck with VLM. And can I express envy? I was going to be doing that but I'd defered my GFA place from last year and now I'm not able to run this year and I've lost it. image

  • hurt my lower back 2 years ago doing boot camp, have had a reoccurance for last 4 months , didnt do anything to start it  off , worst is at night as pain if i turn in bed is off the scale , dont want to keep taking pain killers, physio hasnt helped , am now at a loss what to do , has knocked my confidence running wise and mo jo whats that? used to use running as me time but cant now run a mile without having to walk so now find excuses not to go out.

  • Hi all.. I have been out injured for 6 weeks and its sooo annoying! I have shin splints from pushing myself too hard at the running club. I'm itching to get back but going to take my time and have been doing stretching etc and it seems to be lifting.I tried a very small jog across works car park! no chance I'm running for a while.  Will give it another 2 weeks i think.

    I get so jealous when I see other runners out.. I was getting my 5K down to 22.35 before I got injured..I just hope I can get back to that

  • Managed a mile on the treadmill this evening.  Was very slow but no pain.


  • Well done Surrey Runner!

    I managed over a mile in the pool this evening. It felt SOOO good to do some proper exercise, even if not running.

  • Hi Debra,


    Feeling a bit of an ache this morning so will wait until Sunday before trying again.  

    I had a contract last year in Kettering where they have a swimming pool.  Used to take me about an hour to do 2500 metres. It was good to do as recovery on a Monday night after Sunday's long run.   If I hadn't had my injury was going to have tried triathlon last summer.  Maybe this summer if I heal up in time...

  • So - 14 months after my right hip replacement and I have been going running almost every day since beginning of January. Just 2 or 3 km during the weekdays then 5km at weekends. Feels great ! And losing weight - 5kg so far.
  • I think they might have written the article now Richard image

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