Glasgow to Edinburgh Ultra 2014

I'm looking at this as it looks canny, but wondered if anyone had done it before and had any strong impressions - followed the first half on the map and it looks like it might be quite built up?


  • Does look a good one. But am I being thick - or does it not give the distance ?
  • 55 miles - some of the details (like the price) took a little bit of finding. Mostly flatish other than the canal lift at Falkirk (which would be nice to see).

  • if anyone is looking for the site. I'm in no way connected to the event or the organisers, just in case anyone was wondering. I did the Jedburgh Ultra at the weekend and realised it's part of the Scottish Ultra Marathon Series (SUMS), so I started looking at the other events...

  • Brilliant - thanks for that - I looked all over !
  • Did this a few years ago. The first couple of miles are fairly built up, but doesn't take long to get out of Glasgow and most of the rest is rural apart from the last few into Auld Reekie. The only climb on the route is at the Falkirk wheel. Have a torch handy as there are a couple of dimly lit tunnels, there are also a couple of high viaducts to be aware of if you don't like heights.

    It was well organised and the aid stations are well stocked. The finish line was right next to a bar for refreshments image

  • Sounds good - think I'm in for this one... 

  • It's not the prettiest of routes but nowhere near as built up as you might expect and it makes for a good point to point.  Start is close to Queen Street station in Glasgow and there'll be plenty around to share taxis on the morning of the race.  Finish in Edinburgh is, as mentioned, by a pub and close to Haymarket. I've done it a few times as timing fits as long training run for the GUCR and running home from Weegee land is always good motivation!

  • Bish bash bosh, I'm entered. Now looking at the Kintyre Way as well... image

  • Did this last year- finished just within the cut off, walknig almost all the last 5 miles- the last stretch is through a slightly dodgy part of Edin, and if you are as slow as me, you'll be doing that bit after dark- met a few wino's on this section-but all were very harmless.

    Most of the course is rural canal path- not at all remote, but not biult up either. The pub at the finish line is very handy, if a little noisy!

    I'm in again- need to try to do better then just beating the cut-off this year!

  • I've marshalled it the last two years (at the Falkirk Wheel checkpoint) and I'm thinking of running it next year. I've done the section from the start to the Falkirk wheel a couple of times and once you get out of Glasgow it's very pretty. Also VERY flat and definitely not everyone's cup of tea  - the 'climb' at Falkirk is really no more than 150m of gentle slope! 

    There's also a dark scary tunnel and a high scary aqueduct image

  • The dark scary tunnel DID bother me- until I realised I was runnnig behind a blind runner, and that for her, the whole run was dark and scary, at which point I decided to HTFU.

    I barely noticed the high scary aqueduct, despite being a wuss about heights- I was already too tired to worry about such things!

    The marshals were brilliant last year- and the checkpoint guys at Ratho werre the main reason I finished- I would have quit a t that point if they hadn't been so irrepressably positive!

    Go for it!

  • I couldn't rate this highly enough, no navigation required ...canal on right ... Off you go!.

    all stations manned by people who knew what a runner would need...head or body ....

    id like to know brand of electrolite drink ( pink) was super...

    it's very much what an ultra should be.... A long way !


  • DazDaz ✭✭✭

    Tempted with this one too.  Good excuse to do a bit of sight-seeing around scotland on the way up

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  • If I recall correctly, the electrolyte drink was SIS powder image


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