Spots available for charity runners London and Brighton Marathons 2014

Hi Runners,

Just to let you know that if you consider running for charity in 2014, International Alert, a charity doing a fantastic peacebuilding work around the world, can offer spots in London and Brighton marathons. More details are available on their website:

London Marathon 2014

Brighton Marathon 2014

If you need further info, e-mail them at and they'll be happy to provide you with any support you might need. 


  • £2500 for a little known charity..I can see why you have resorted to spamming on here.....can't be easy to get many takers in todays economy

  • Run for myself and to get PB's thanks.

    Although I can sleep easily with my £12 a month to the British Red Cross image

  • We already pay a military to do our peace keeping.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    2500, I can see why you are having difficulty getting people to sign up.
  • Yeah I didn't get selected for Stroke association for only projecting £2000 having had two strokes this year (ie a strong back story relating to the charity) and this little known charity sets the minimum bar at £2,500?  That's not really cricket - you are likely to have only runners who will struggle to reach there target come marathon day.

  • I'll defend charities to the hilt, but I think these minimum amounts are getting out of hand, personally. I think £1,000 is way way more than enough.

  • There is no way I would/could commit to raising £2500. I'm all for supporting charities but that would be far too much for me.

  • peter.they used to be around £1000 and then I suppiose demand for the places has pushed the prices up..they have a duty to maximise profits....but i think that they have gone too high for the current climate and so the prices will have to drop to reflect that

  • I know all this, seren - I work tangentially to the charity world as most of you know. As I pointed out on another post, for seven years, er, running the London Marathon has broken the record for fundraising from a single event. While it's doing that, charities will feel ok setting such minimum amounts - until the day when, like the New York marathon apparently, there are diminishing returns.

  • Anyone else notice that they restarted this thread because of our comments!?

  • SCBB

    .he did start 2 threads at the same time before any comments were made

  • My bad!

  • "Spots"?

    This is the LONDON marathon, not an American marathon.  We have PLACES.

  • You realise there is 0% chance he'll ever come back to read this, this is just another spam and run job.


  • In which case RW should have removed it by now, no?


    I suppose they're all too busy fixing all those nasty little bugs that have been doing the rounds for the past several months/years/decades.

  • they will only remove it if someone reports it as spam..........

    its one of those that is not cut and dry for the spam wombles.....its not your sport, sex girls or passports.......

    its something that might be of interest to some if someone thinks its inappropriate they need to report it..image

  • I was being facetious. Badly, apparently. 

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