Gran Canaria Half Marathon

I have signed up to the above half marathon, however, I am querying if anyone knows where you pick up your bib number and chip.

I have searched the website  without success, some pages are in Spanish and when translated if fails to provide this.

I have definitely entered as I have found my name on the entrants list.


Any help, greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


  • We did it last year and are in again. Also struggled last year with the number collection. Its in one of the major hotels in las palmas but can't remember which one at the moment. Info is definitely on the site but very hard to find. You catch a bus from the resort to parq st telmo and its a short walk. Beware they barely speak English and number collection was hilarious. We got the address and booked a shopping trip the day before and got the guide to take us straight there. Goodie bag and freebies well worth the money though. Am on Facebook running discussion board if u want more info
  • Thanks for the info Nutty.  I entered this at the weekend, and my flight to Las Palmas is on the Saturday morning.  I'll get my wife to check the facebook page - I'm not on FB

  • Hi - was pecking my head a bit and you know I mentioned about the pick up was in a major hotel chain .  well last year it was at Ac Hotel Iberia Las Palmas Avenida Alcalde J Ramirez Bethencourt 8   · Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas 35003 Spain .  Just trying to find something that says its there again otherwise theres at least three of us getting lost. Theres some sort of kids races on the Saturday so loads of people around and just head for the loud speakers.  Theres a load of stalls in the grounds.  Best finding the tourist info one and getting them to direct you.  I didn't run it last year but I ended up having to stand about 200 yards up the road trying to get the English speakers into the right funnel for the marathon, half and 10km as they didn't understand a word the Spanish marshal was saying.  At number pick up my fella got a rucksack, towel, short sleeve tech t-shirt.  On finishing he got another long sleeve shirt, a really huge fancy medal and a lot of freebies in a bag too.  Its worth doing and fighting your way round the language barrier,

  • Thanks for the help,  found map of course on website,  bib collection possibly at the town hall the Cabildo de Gran Canaria which is close to the start/finish point and not far from parq st telmo.  I have some del boy Spanish, hopefully that will help me converse with the locals

  • Thanks for the help Nutty.

    ANZAC - I speak a bit of Spanglish too so may just manage.

    I know a few others heading over for the event, a couple of whom do the marathon every year so hopefully I'll get by.

  • Reply from Marathon website, follows below, some pigeon English in it, but you'll get detail:

    Dear participant ,

    Soon the web becoming the rule in English.

    The collection of numbers will be from Thursday 23 January to Saturday 25 January at ExpoMarathon .


    The time of collection of numbers will be:

    ??? Thursday January 23, 2014 from 12:00 - 21:00.

    ??? Friday 24th 10:00 to 21:00 .

    ??? Saturday, January 25th from 10:00 to 21:00 hours . In Plaza de Canarias , Zone

    Exchanger - Parque de Santa Catalina.

    For removal must be an official document ( ID card, passport ... ) , without this

    dorsal document not delivered. Dorsal withdrawal allowed the other person

    presenting a photocopy of D.N.I. or original participant and the original person who

    removed. The possibility of collecting the possibility of collecting ridges on the dorsal race race day is not contemplated is not contemplated .

    The numbers must be clearly visible in the chest during the entire race
  • Hmm that's interesting, seems to be over three days you can collect the number this time and somewhere slightly different to last year.

    I've just come back from Lanzarote and one thing  I did notice was that they seemed a lot better geared upto the foreign tourist who wanted to run the event rather than in Gran Canaria .

    Anyway hope everybody manages to find  their number and enjoys the race. image I've just  had 7 days of lousy weather in the canaries so im hoping its gonna be much better end of Jan


  • i had similar problems getting details for Lanzarotte but all worked out well it was a great event really recommend.  i am looking for the date for Grean canaria 2015 i try to plan at least 12 months ahead Good luck all those doing Gran Canaria Dennis the old codger

  • That's forward planning Dennis!

    I'm looking forward to this weekend now image

  • See you there Andy, I finally managed to get the website to accept my marathon entry.

  • Pleased to hear you sorted it out Kate.

    Good luck with the marathon and I hope you enjoy your time in the sun after image

    PS - I hear that wine will be available at the Expo!!

  • I picked mine up today, nice and easy except the square is blocked off in the centre whilst they set up for the carnival. When you get your chip they will tell you to check it over to one side of the queue, make sure you do as I saw a few errors. Don't just join the longest queue either, the marathon only had a couple of people waiting, versus scores in the 10K. setting off for two days hard cycling tomorrow morning so Sunday could be vey slow. Good luck all.

  • Bib collection is 2.5 miles from the start....which they have made very hard to find....the online  map is next to useless....NO MAP when you check in either!!!   The start is down the coast near a little park and a poxy basketball signs...just little flags e everywhere!!!    I am here and ready fro the Marathon Sunday...9 am start.....hope the weather improves and the wind dies down.....!!  

    By the way the place is an absolute dump......!!

  • gosh sounds depressing  i was thinking of doing it next year  i will have think again. good luck anyway by the way its been a really great day here in Suffolk

  • got my pack today.  A bit more stuff to look at this year in the tent but im really hoping there is something a little more at the end besides the poor quality hi-vis shirt we all seemed to have got.  Last years goodies were miles better and even some of the Spanish have remarked about the poor quality goodie bag already on facebook

  • hopefully the sun will appear Sunday.....just the 6,200 doing the Marathon, so a bit quieter than Valencia,which was far too busy.... !  Going for broke...sub 3.20 and all will be forgiven .... 

    surely these people need to understand the basics of telling people where the Expo is,where the start is etc's almost laughable....!! spent all this afternoon looking for 'clues' as to where the start is...!!!   Blue loos etc.....

    organisers get a grip.....

  • yes agree.  I only managed this year because I struggled to find it last year.  Although I wasn't so keen on the Lanzarote half marathon course, I did the 10k in December and it was miles miles better organized.  Im hoping that there's a decent medal at the end  like last year .   


  • Good luck to everyone running today image
  • Good luck to you too Andy.

  • hope you all did well and that weather was good .its like the end of the world here

  • For the race yesterday I'm convinced it was the hottest day of our time here.

    I enjoyed the course, especially the coastal path and the locals were very supportive.

    What was very disappointing was to finish the half marathon and only be offered a 10k medal as they had run out. I also then had a 20 minute queue to remove my race chip and collect a finisher t shirt.
  • How was your marathon Kate?
  • Andy which one did u get  ?  I finished in 2:11 and literally spent 30mins trying to hunt one down.  Me and the fellas where identical except his was bigger with writing on the ribbon and mine was smaller but plain .  It was the same chaos as last year and loads of the Spanish are complaining on the face book site


  • It was OK, slower than I wanted, and the first aid station at 5K was out of water, not great, end was chaotic but got a medal, not sure how many ran the marathon as the second lap was very quiet. Good crowd support and nice to have Haille sending us off.

  • Well done Kate. I heard there were c650 running the marathon c3500 in the half and c2000 in the 10k.
  • poor water supplies….i had bad cramp at 36k then no water until 40k…which is far too late…those "sponge stations" are a waste of time….i had to scoop a mouth full of wash water into my mouth around 38k…lost 10 minutes there….suffering…!!

    at he end the "alcohol free" beer was a complete waste of time…people want water,juice drink or proper beer or wine….the stall was empty…!!  think they took it all back !   joke…didn't know what to do with my chip….nowhere to give it in??   saw other guys walking off so just chucked it….no t shirt or finishers bag  either...

    nice hot day tho….got to see all the low lives eating their fry up death breakfast up the coast in "kiss me quick land"…..wont be back….the place is a dump….end of the world…..!!

  • Nutty. I got a 10k medal instead. I was advised to complain via the website. One f my friends runs the marathon every year and he was sent a marathon medal last year after the same issue with the medals running out.
  • had planned to do the race next year  . wont bother

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