Was there no Rutland Marathon in 2013?

I cant find much about it?? Or on fat feet site. It's usually around now.
I no the weather was silly pants last year, luckily I only did the first two years.


  • I seem to remember that they stopped it for some reason ... I did do it one year I remember it being fecking cold  image

  • You didn't look very hard on the fat feet site as there is a massive rutland water logo and it states that due to the weather last year they are moving the date to the spring with the 2014 date to be announced shortly.

  • There's a thread here somewhere about how bad it was. I ran it and it took me an hour to warm up afterwards, even the marshalls were having problems.

  • Up until the early 90s they did a pre-London warm up race round Rutland Water starting and finishing in Oakham. Brilliant race was about16.9 miles.

  • Nick Windsor 4 wrote (see)

    They decided in 2012 to move it to spring on 2014 because people were moaning about being cold at the end. Real shock - cold in November

    I spoke to the organiser via email following the slating he got on here by certain members.

    the first two years weather was superb. Last year was truley horrendous. 

    Without dragging too much of the old thread back to life, the problems were related to marshalls and logistics rather than runners. Although a few runners had problems that weren't helped by the knock on effect of the marshalls suffering.  

    The race is billed as a marathon and not as a self sufficient fell run. Personally I was quite happy running through knee deep water in close to zero degrees in high winds, but having 13/14 year old army cadets standing out for 3 hours plus in that weather presents other problems. Especially when you cannot drive straight from one checkpoint to another in a straight line due to a big lake. 

  • Don't know, but there was a Rutland Weekend Television


  • Well said TimR

  • I think its daft moving the date. It was simply bad freaky weather (and not being prepared for it) that could happen at any date in the colder months. Simply the British weather for you. Theres as much chance of it happening on any new Spring date as the original. And Rutland was stunning in years 1 and 2 with the autumn leaves turning.

  • I agree TC, Rutland won't ever be high on my list for spring marathons but if it had stayed in November then yes I might have considered it.

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