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hi guys, I'm looking at doing a couple of Sprint distance events next year to ease myself into triathlon before the big one in 2015. I've been looking at some of these I'm thinking about the Stratford one to start, anybody done any with these guys? 



  • i did the ultimate half this year - it was ok event, but the marshalling was pretty poor and allowed people to shortcut the route.

  • Stratford has been done many a person off this forum as their 1st tri - it's one of the better ones to do as a beginner

    there are plenty of other tris around that are equally as good so check out the events section of the BTF website or the same on for some more ideas.  not all 2014 events are listed yet and won't be until race directors have finalised their plans but there should be enough listed.


  • nice one, the UK triathlon events do look very beginner friendly and Stratford isn't too far from me. The Birmingham event would have been ideal as I live near Sutton park, but I'll be away after doing the Wales marathon. Doh!

  • I supported at the Warwickshire one image which is similar I think - they had bags of fun and was very inclusive.  I'm doing Stratford next year as well image

  • yeah,I think the Warwickshire one is pretty much the same as the Stratford one)I may well see you then suckutupbuttercup image...can that name be abbreviated?lol

  • I've already spelt it wrong! bloody phone lol

  • They are the same race just a different name for it. I've done a few of these guys races and while they are pricy but very beginner friendly and should see you there mate. image I'd echo what FB said through and take a look around and see what you can see.

  • cheers cake and FB, I'll do that. I'm looking to enter another towards the end of the season too.

  • I'm with Cake, they are a little pricey but well organised and quite a nice course, i did Sutton park too, the 8 laps on the bike was fun, bit of an up hill then a real fast decent for half the lap, the only trouble was the "wild cows" one poor chap fell off his bike avoiding one and another racer was chased into a bush image

    I did Stratford (or Warwickshire) as my first tri and will be there next year too, they do a nice BBQ, if you put a slow swim time down you'll get a later start and time to get a burger down, I considered getting one in T1 but didn't have the correct change.

    Check out trifinder and triuk websites for events, theres loads

  • While your looking you might be interested in bristol tri as your first open water tri next year. Don't know the date off hand Biased because it's run by a lovely pirate but loved it when did it a few years back. Well worth the petrol. image

  • +1 for Bristol when I did it two years ago! It was their first event and was superb!


    May go back again this year actualy. When is that cake?

  • image Dude I think we where there at the same time. It's july time normally I'm sure if there is a date set yet the bristol massive will let us know.

  • 29th June, May be doable for me, though I may have to get some open water experience first. JP, I'll be putting a slow swim time down anyway as I can't actually swim much at the moment anyway, good enough excuse for a burger I reckon lol.

  • I'm down for Stratford again.  Its a bench mark race for me and was my first ever tri.  I agree that it is beginner friendly and if you put down a slow swim time then you get a chance to see how others get through transition and some of the mistakes to avoid.  Watching others is a great way to learn without making the same mistakes yourself

  • well I'm definitely sold on Stratford now SuperCaz image I'll get it booked next week 

  • There should be at least 4 of us from here attending, so keep an eye out for us and come over and say hello.  At least one of us will have pirate kit so we should be easy to identify

  • Just call me Buttercup - it's probably easier image

  • is the stratford an indoor swim? Not done a pool based tri before so might give it ago. Cant be that different i guess



  • Yes it is pool based.  Everyone is set off at 15 second intervals so that you get some clear water in front of you.  The pool is divided into 3 lanes.  You do 4 lengths in the first lane, dunk under the lane rope, do 4 lengths in the second lane and then repeat for the last lane before getting out.  It makes counting lengths easy and keeps the pool fairly clear.  Each lane is very wide so there is room to overtake slower swimmers if necessary

  • you mean I won't get the pool to myself?? that's it, not doing it lol.

  • There will be bacon?

  • a common theme is that they are beginner friendly.

    i havent been to any event which wasnt friendly beginner or otherwise. Have i just been lucky?

  • image Yes mate some races are friendler than other's if you don't know what your doing. There is nothing worse than being surounded by t*sser's. Err mind you I don't think you have meet the likes of me yet so you've not be subjected to the misery. image

  • my view is that the marshalls are just doing the job as best they can - some seem to love the power, others being fun etc. but i did a few this year and i either got really lucky or maybe i just tolerate idiots image

    and i def dont know what i am doing

  • It's not so much the marshall's sometimes more the other runner's and rider's. But answered in part so I could set myself up for a joke. The main reason's why this race is so newbie friendly is the course. They are pool basied for the sprints, on very bike firendly roads on the whole and they always have a support veicle for there races so if you do get into proble you won't be stuck for long. In my experinace marshall's are always brilliant so deserve as may hugs and thanks as possible.

  • And the odd person handing out Jellybabies image 

  • image Err yes that person is odd. image

  • I think what stood out for me with these events was how the marshals actually helped you.  Unless you did something completely dangerous, like go through a red light, they tended not to penalise you for getting things wrong, such as mounting/dismounting the wrong side of th line, forgetting your helmet and having your race number the wrong way round.

    If you got it wrong then they shouted at you to do it right, and as long as you listened then they were fine with that.  The number of times I saw the marshals hold someones bike while they went back to get their helmet at my first event.

    You will also not be last as after the main tri are the relays and super sprints.  I've done triathlons where I've been so slow that within a mile of getting on the bike I've not seen a soul until the finish line after the run.  For a beginner it is really important to feel that you aren't the worst there is.

  • finally got the debit card out and entered! it's months away so why am I nervous already?lol

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