long course weekend

Has anybody took part in this event? it's actually the three tri events, IM distance but spread over a whole weekend. I signed up to do the marathon only, before I even thought about trying a tri, just wondered what the marathon course is like....methinks very hilly!


  • the swim and bike is the same as the itonman wales course and are hilly..the run for the longweekend is different.its tenby to pemboke and back and it is underlating.

    but a very good organised weekend.would definitely recommend it

  • awesome,I'm looking forward to it, and I love Tenby! it'll be my second marathon so I should have an idea what 26.2 feels like lol.

  • I did the run this summer in the heat wave. It was tough, not only because of the heat but the course had a constant up and down ( felt like more ups than downs) so it was hard to find a nice rythm. The organisation was first rate and the spectators were fantastic, hosing people down as they ran past and handing out goodies to help keep you going. 

    I have entered the full long course weekend next year as a step up into the full ironman hopefully in 2015.

    its a great event, you will love it image

  • nice one Macuk, might see you there on the Sunday! I've heard the support is brilliant so I'm looking forward to that, just a bit nervous about the actual course lol, plenty of hill training I reckon.

  • that's one good thing with living in Wales, whenever I step out of the house for a run I hit some type of hill image

  • how much does it cost? do all three combined equal the price of an ironman??

  • No it's cheaper than that.

    I seem to recall it being £30-£35 per event but cheaper if you do all three.  You could google it for more information.

  • £90 for the three (or £30 each) not sure if there is a booking fee on top.

    much cheaper than Ironman at almost £400.

  • at that sort of price and three medals i think that might be a winner

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