Alternative training

Injured, can't run. Have access to a gym but need a training program to maintain fitness that will motivate me to darken its doors! Anyone have any recommendations/websites etc?


  • I recently brought a Gymalstic exercise ball, they are great for when you can't run. All sorts of exercises you can perform, and when your health returns they are excellent at pre run stretches. Find them at
  • Dunno - but can you use the skiier machine ? They replicate running closely but without the impact. V good for your CV system.

  • As Cougie says, ski machine or cross trainer would be good.

    Rowing machines are also great if the injury can take it.

    Cycling?.........depends on your injury.
  • Forrest,you have my sympathy. Ive been injured for about 4 months now. Ive been getting into cycling to maintain fitness...this was going well until I fell off my bike last week and fractured my rib...Cant think what alternative I CAN do now!
    What kind of injury do you have?Are you an outdoors kind of person, like team gamesetc? Im asking cos I can think of loads of things you might be able to do..swimming, fencing,walking,surfing....just need more direction!
  • Thanks for all the advice. I have 'overstretched' my achilles tendon (I think!) I tried cycling and rowing yesterday which were both fine. I would be interested to know how much you need to do to have a comparable effect to running (although I only lasted 5 minutes on the rowing machine!) if such a comaprison is possible! I will definitely try the cross-trainer, when it is repaired........
  • RFR - try aquajogging, 30 mins equates in effort to about a 2-hour run. Either use a flotation belt or simply try running in a pool. Or try an indoor bike if you can push with your leg.
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