Mud-free Parkruns for winter

Did Huntingdon this morning, which in fair weather is a great Saturday morning romp, but when the weather turns, it's a bit grim for my liking. Incredibly muddy this morning In parts.

Think me and Mrs Ivor will be favouring Bedford in the autumn/winter months, which is 2 and a half laps on tarmac paths. Not the most thrilling route, but a good, safe and reliable one that will always be doable whatever the weather.

Anyone got selections of Parkruns near them which become more/less appealing depending on conditions?


  • My local Parkrun gets incredibly muddy throughout winter. For me, this makes it worth going to!

  • Parts of ours gets very muddy in the winter. Much different course to the summer months.  It's great. 


  • even ifin summer off road runs are slower than the tarmac ones.depends what you want from a run.

    running in the winter in the mud will make you stronger for the spring when you are ready to race.......

    and its much more fun image


    we have 4 parkruns now withion a 15 mile radius from the house and 2 more opening up favourite one is the offroad one which is already starting to get sticky in palces image

  • Just get the right shoes and all is fine image

  • Two problems with muddy Parkruns are that Mrs Ivor hates running in mud, plus one of us runs with the dog, and when you factor in a bath for the dog with cleaning shoes, shower etc, a quick early morning blast suddenly accounts for most of the morning.

  • St Albans is on tarmac i think - around the lake at Verulamium.... and pretty flat too. I've done the Bedford run a couple of times and really enjoyed it. 


  • Come to Peterborough.  2 large laps & one small lap, all on tarmac paths.   Only the occasional flood and ice to worry about!

  • Eastbourne is fun in the winter, usually under water. More of a park wade.

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