Cotswold Half Iron

Hi all, I understand there are two half iron distance races in the Cotswold.  Is it 'Classic' and 113?  Anyway, what are each like and which is best?



  • They're lovely races. Nice part of the workd. Pretty much flat bike with one little lump. It's a 2 lap bike and multi lap run. 

    Tge only difference is time if year so which ever fits in your diary the best. 

  • The race course is the same for both dates. Also both filled to capacity so it's which date suits you best for training & planning.

    great course, fast & flat, well marshalled, sign posted & feed stations

  • Warning.

    The Cotswold 113 has got only 2 places remaining out of 700 when I looked 5 minutes ago. They were selling at a rate of 30 a day.

  • I've entered the classic as my first HIM.  Mainly due to the lake swim and a flat bike course.  There's an olympic distance there earlier as well for training.

  • Planning on doing the 226 - I cant see any details about how full it is - anyone know ? I need to save up !
  • Cougie - there's 600 places available, of which 124 have been taken.

  • Phew - ta for that ! No immediate need to panic then !
  • I did the 113 last year. It's pretty fast. The swim isnt too weedy, although its a slightly complicated Pac-man shape that you swim - worth figuring out where you're supposed to be swimming before the start! The bike is 96% flat, with one climb on each lap. Its two laps, which does mean it gets pretty congested once the later waves start coming through - this is frustrating in places, particularly one single track lane that you go down in both directions. It's almost impossible not to draft on this track, as you catch up but cant overtake because people are overtaking coming the other way.

    The run is 75% off road, but you dont need Trail shoes as such - just maybe not your super-lightweight racing shoes like I did...!
    Organisers are friendly, plenty of parking, nice marshals. Enjoy!

  • Entering now as they have made 50 slots available due to cancellations.

  • Ta for that flyers - I guess the 226 is the same route - just more laps ?
  • Cougs - no, it won't be.  The run may be as they want to keep it 'contained' but I believe the bike route will be different.  Am happy to ask Graeme (Race Organiser) to pop in here and post an update for you?

  • Agree its a very fast course, I was pretty unfit last year (still am) and managed to sneak just under 6 hours despite long transition and very slow run/walk. 

    lol at the pac-man style swim, perfect description image

  • That would be fab Schmunks - but no urgency - the course is what it is.

    How philosophical am I eh ?
  • The advantage of being a cr@p swimmer is that you get the opportunity to overtake hundreds on the bike part.

  • As opposed to my OH who is a brilliant swimmer and crap biker, comes out in the front group of swimmers and then gets overtaken by about 200 on the bike!

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