Time to Move On - anyone else felt the need ?

The time has come when I seem to have outstayed my welcome at my running club. I'm both saddened and annoyed as I was there on the very first session six years ago along with five other nervous soles. The club was set up by a keen group of triathletes for triathletes and initially we had run sessions, masters, circuit training, brick sessions - pool/turbo/run, turbo session & guided long runs & rides rides. 

However as members numbers increased the sessions decreased down to one run session a week. Compared to other running clubs this was poor and compared to triathlon clubs it was embarrassingly lacking. The club was over run with runners and triathletes seemed to become second class members or referred to by club captain as the 'nutters'.

Believe me over the years I fought for more sessions & also looked after the slower runners including fighting a rule that you had to be able to run 10k in less than an hour to attend the interval session ( in fact the only club session). This is not a club of elite runners by any standard. The club tag line on the website - Friendly local running club where nobodies left behind is so far from reality it's laughable. 

This summer the committee asked for suggestions and ideas of how to develop the club. They received many emails and a few carrots of new sessions were dangled - swimming, circuit training & turbo. Only actually one has materialised - Swimfit back on the calendar to replace Masters and has proven popular with max attendance each week over last two months.  However many other suggestions were  ignored or rejected, seems the committee doesn't like change and not ready to offer more for its members. 

I became the black sheep of the club as I openly made suggestions, offered information and recommended local races & events. Cue censorship and public whipping on Facebook. This was initiated by one committee member who for reasons unknown to me or others took a dislike to me. Who knows why ? 

This week was the final straw, it's gone too far - too political and far too personal. So reluctantly I'm stepping away to simmer down and decide on next years options regarding clubs. 

On a positive note within 3 hours of selling my club kit and announcing I was moving on I've had offers to join 5 other local running or tri clubs image  Or I may take a year out and race as unaffiliated, keep my British Triathlon Membership and race in Pirate colours.

Members, coaches and clubs change that's life. But this club hasn't grown with my triathlon needs. I actually realised back in the summer that I  needed to look for help outside of the club for my long distance triathlon racing , so I got a coach, joined a cycling club and raced in Pirate colours. Through these new links I got more support, encouragement, ideas, training sessions, advise, made new friends and more training mates, PB's, covered more miles, guided around new routes, conquered new challenges - my first 70.3 all in six months and more than the previous six years ! 

I've been encouraged by words of support from my old club members & friends for my braveness (or stupidity) in speaking up. In reality it's a relief that I've made the decision, no more stress, disappointment or disrespect. I've cut ties and culled my Facebook friends ! 

Moving on feels good. image thanks to the Pirate for a fresh, supportive no nonsense attitude.



    This was original a Facebook post but aware that many people dont do FB and the Pirates formed around this media forum.

    thanks to the piratea for an all inclusive, supportive, no nonsense attitude.  image


  • And that, I think, sums up the true pirate mentality rather brilliantly. Well said. I'll race with you (well, probably behind you), anytime.

    Makes me proud to wear the colours. 

  • Dustboy wrote (see)

    I'll race with you (well, probably behind you), anytime. 


  • I'm sure you feel so much better for making the decision Red Stripe

    Club politics can be as brutal as any school or workplace and in some ways worse as you are supposedly united in this group by choice to share a pleasure!

    These days I spend far more time with my tri club than my run club for that very reason and in fact only keep my running club membership (it's very very cheap!) out of loyalty to some old timers still active in the club in varying ways

    So glad to hear you fighting the "speed" rule too - my own running club is very good with new /slow runners I have to say but I've heard a lot of stories where people have been put off by promises of inclusivity only to find there was a kick in the tail........

  • KK - I wish I knew what was going on the other side ! 

    Sometimes bullies have no reason. If the club was a company I'd be doing them for unfair or constructive dismissal.

    Anyway onwards & upwards. I look good racing in yellow too better than blue. 

  • I didn't have a great experience with a local tri club a number of years ago, didn't feel very welcome.  Final straw was marshalling at a race and being left on a spot, no thanks and at the end they had the cheek to refuse me a packed lunch as id not done a full day (5 hours not enough I thought).  Wrote them a letter and got an apology but by then id had enough.

    You hear so much of this type of thing, I just don't know what gets into some clubs.

    Clearly its not every club, maybe there should be a review site, Triadvisor

  • Sorry for delay RW forum not letting me add anything via iPad ?! 

    If you're lucky enough to have a good club - stick with it & support it.

    if you get a bad one move on. Seems in all walks of life there are a few rotten apples in the barrel

    anyway onward & upwards image

  • This sounds indicative of my reasoning for not being involved in a more formalised club.  On to pastures new then Red Stripe?

  • Zakalwe  yes onward upward & forward image

    Having made the desision it feels good, should have made it earlier but hey ho off I go

  • Red Stripe - I could have written the same post.  Did you find the same people held onto the key committee jobs or circulated them between themselves and then complained that they had to do all the work? Yet if any non committee members came forward with an idea and offered to forward that idea it would be kicked into touch. 

    Your post is exactly why the Pirates should stay as they are without teams etc. and keep it simple and for everyone.

  • Jelly Bean - snap back at you as you just described the committee of my old club ! Lol

    Pirates for me - simple, supportive, fun, no politics image

    Plus the pirate kit is way cooler & I look good in yellow
  • I propose I become president of the pirates. I will organise a sub commitee tomorrow.

  • good idea Mr I.you can propose it at the next AGM we have image

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