Am I mad to think about it even....!!!

I am a regular runner mostly 2/3 times a week.... between 2/3k each time my pb was 10k 2years ago 60 mins... average 5k most weeks between 30 and 40 mins depending on how much feel like running, I am bored now of the same old thing and I think that's where I am getting the idea to train for a marathon.... maybe half marathon first and see how I go.......

My family think I am mad apart from the one daughter who would probably train with me but does not want to do the marathon.


  • Isn't that how we all got started? image

  • forgot to say I have just turned 60!

  • Mad: maybe

    join the gang image

  • Pfft. The first time I did Comrades (=2 marathons + a parkrun + a mile) there were 2 septuagenarians on the sports tour doing it too.

  • I say go on and do it... it changes your life, at least it did mine.  No bigger feeling of achievement. image

  • Start now. Aim for next Autumn.

    Join a club. Socialise.  Have fun image

  • Do it Do it just do it! (I'm not trying to endorse nike - I just think it works for when you're considering doing something that deep down, you're pretty excited about doing)

  • What have you got to lose? (apart from a few toenails maybe).

    You know you want to. 

  • Not mad, didn't Fauja Singh only start running at 89? 

  • thank you so much everyone.....already started this week...... cant decide which one I will do yet but the quicker I choose the quicker I can start my training.... so excited motivation at it highest right now....

  • Don't put off starting training. The more training you have under your belt - the better the marathon is. Turn up with poor training and its a long hard day ahead of you.

    Find a local half marathon as an intermediate goal.

    Work out your plans off that.
  • A lot to be said for autumn marathons - less worry about weather or colds inteerupting training or race day being too warmimage
  • Don't enter a marathon too soon. 18 months minimum from now, ideally 2 years. Lots of great races to do as you build up your endurance.

    As Cougie said, do one too early and you will, excuse my French, - f**king hate it image

  • This is a bit like on Britain's got the X factor on Ice when a contestant comes on and they say how old? 60? And they they get a round of applause for being 60. Well done for being 60, You must be mad!!!! Or just an annoying attention seeker if you believe the thread on people saying " Am I mad?"

  • 1 in 4 British adults experience at least one diagnosable mental health problem in any one year, and 1 in 6 experiences this at any given time.
    (The Office for National Statistics Psychiatric Morbidity report, 2001)

    Although mental disorders are widespread, serious cases are concentrated among a relatively small proportion of people who experience more than one mental health problem. (The British Journal of Psychiatry, 2005)

    I haven't come across any evidence to support a hypothesis that contemplating a marathon is an indicator of a mental health problem.


  • thanks again for the motivation.... I have just joined the local running club  starting on thursday..looking forward to it....

  • Nice one Mon. That sounds like a good moveimage

  • Hi Monica.  I am 66 and ran my first marathon in London in April this year. It took me 5hours and 58mins but I still managed to finish before 2000 people!  Believe you can do it and you will. I have never been an athlete - I used to do the 5k Race for Life and that was more or less it. But 4 years ago, after a life-changing event, I decided that I would take up running. And now I have entered the Edinburgh Marathon 2014!  So just go for it - it will be amazing!

  • thank you everyone for the encouragement.... had a good park run on saturday 34.09 mins even though it was damp and windy.... walked a little daughter shouting at me to keep going so getting back into the running quite well, have got a full training sheet that I will stick to now for the next 12 weeks and see how i do... I dont want to break records but I do want to do well..... I never knew I was so competative untill I started running!!... especially with my daughter i have to keep up with her, but then when she goes flat out I have to wave her on, shes good to have around, she is so supportive.


    thanks again guys x image


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