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I need help finding a good shop with helpful staff who know what they are talking about in the Oxford area....please!
I have recently started running again after a long lay off for various injuries and other (it has to be said pretty poor excuses). Unfortunately I don't have time to do much more than 3 short runs a week, but even so my 4 year old Nike Structure Triax's are not coping.
I am a heavy runner - even when fit -6ft tall and 16 stone (Goal weight 14.5 stone) and have a pretty normal gait and foot, with a slight tendency to pronate.
Can anyone help with shoe suggestions and good retailers?


  • As far as I'm aware, there is no specialist running shop in Oxford. The nearest two that I can suggest are 'Two Thirteen Sports' who are in Witney and the Sweatshop in Reading. Haven't been to the Sweatshop, but they're usually pretty good. Two Thirteen sports is a small store, but with decent stock and a very knowledgeable and helpful guy called Mike.

    Post here again if you need any more info.

  • Thanks DW,

    I think I will give Two Thirteen Sports a go - Witney is not far from where I live.
  • I tried calling Two Thirteen Sports but their number is disconnected - do you know whether it has changed or whether they are still in business?
  • That's interesting. I last went there in May and I think they've been there for years.

    But having looked in this month's RW, the advert that is usually in there every month is missing. The number on is 01993 709709. If that's what you've tried and it's disconnected, maybe they have closed down?

    If you find out, can you let me know?


  • Prodigal,

    I'm wondering if a new shop has opened in Witney. Again, list a place called 'CoolRunning' (01993 849490)who I've never heard of before. Might be worth calling them and finding out what they're about?

  • That is the number I tried (also obtained from I will post anything I come up with.
  • I have just called Cool Running. They have been around for 15 months and advice given by professional athletes.

    Apparently Two Thirteen Sports has closed down.
  • So Cool Running is a running shop then?
  • Yes. Thanks for the help! I am going to try and get out there this week and will post my findings if and when I do.
  • Excellent. Good luck. I look forward to hearing your assessment of them.
  • If you get no joy from there, another near specialist store is Runaround in Malvern nr Worcester.

  • Thanks JB. I will try the closer one first but it is good to know that I have options!

    I e-mailed RW yesterday and suggested a forum dedicated to retailers and peoples experiences. I have not heard back from them but think it would be useful. I just wonder about the legalities of having people writing subjective comments which may not be 100% truthful?
  • DW,

    I'm afraid I didn't end up trying them out at all. I phoned up and they don't have any of the shoes that I am looking for.

    The woman who runs the place is an athlete herself and it sounds as if she will be able to give good advice from my brief conversation, but I am looking for performance/racing shoes as I want something basic to start with as I am looking to totally change my running style and will only be doing very short distances for the time being. She does carry most main stream type of shoes though, so probably worth a look.
  • There is a shop in St. Aldates called Toiuchwoods that has a reasonable running section and at least some of the staff are knowledgable. They stock most mainstream shoes but it might be worth giving them a ring to see if they have any of the ones your looking for
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