How many race times can you remember exactly

4 of you in a gameshow. Jackpot question "How many of your own race times can you name exactly?"  The highest correct bid wins one-hundred-thousand pounds. Everyone else goes home empty-handed.

For each time, you must identify the race (event and year  - 5K minimum) and the time to the nearest second, obviously only from memory.  Get just one wrong, and you score zero.

What's your bid?


  • What happens in the event of a tie?


  • No, that seems fair enough. It's going to be a bugger trying to sell the idea to the BBC, though, I reckon.

  • yes, perhaps you remember the times from all these races because they were all special, dedicated to someone close to you who died or it might have been the culmination of your long battle back from obesity and you'd lost 18 st in the previous 18 months...


  • How minor are we talking? The death of a goldfish? A collapsed fondue? 

  • Isn't Death of  Goldfish a play by American playwright Arthur Miller

  • No, that was the sequel written by his distant cousin, Windy image

  • Ironically, it was called Trump-ton.

    Listen guys, I'm really delighted that you've been putting your imaginations to work. Looking to bring improvements to the concept. None of you have succeeded yet, but I do appreciate the effort.

    You could help me though.  I'm a welder in my late-forties and have decided that I'm going to go heavily into TV programming. I've been watching a lot of telly recently as part of my research and have made a couple of pilot shows using my iPhone - one is a chat show (I'm the host), and the other is a new quiz concept, where runners have to try to recall their previous race times.

    I'm please with the pilots, even though there were a few continuity errors, the camera-work was shaky and the jokes were crap.  I know it's not good enough yet, but I'm expecting that things will be much better once I have a proper BBC TV studio to work with. 

    I am eventually going to be bigger than Simon Cowell. But if anyone can advise me on how to get there faster, it would be good. Indeed, any feedback on my plan would be appreciated.

    Sorry to go on at such length, but I'm so excited about my forthcoming success, I wanted to give you all a chance of a little slice of reflected glory.


  • You want to get there faster?  How much faster?  1:57?

  • There's a famous old joke. Not fit for a family running forum, but you can Google it if you like.

    The punch-line is "Sorry Sir, I'm not a real welder."


  • Screamapillar wrote (see)

    How minor are we talking? The death of a goldfish? A collapsed fondue? 

    image By which I mean "souffle" - tsk, multitasking...


    Nose Nowt wrote (see)

    But if anyone can advise me on how to get there faster, it would be good. Indeed, any feedback on my plan would be appreciated.


    I should warn you that not everybody is impressed by speed NN image

  • I can't name a single race time..........don't think i will win much money from your show......image

  • race time, chip time or garmin time.

    it all gets a bit confusing.

  • Interesting point Skotty...

    NN are you sure you've really thought this through? image

  • Skotty is only trying to confuse the issue because he's not very good at the game. As we high achievers say "Don't let negativity get in the way of creativity." 

    I'm going to be bigger than Cowell. Fact.   If you don't believe me, then I challenge you all to state how far you think I'm gonna get.   Simon Cowell?  Graham Norton?  Jonathan Ross?

  • Paul Ross.

  • Oh... and seren.  Thank goodness someone has taken this thread seriously.

    But I won't be inviting you to be on my first show. You sound crap.

  • Paul Ross.

  • Who the hell is Paul Ross?

    Is he huge in American TV?

  • Look, I'll leave you guys to work up some ideas for me.  I'm off to light a bonfire.

    Have a safe evening everyone. Enjoy it.

  • think up some new idea for guy fawkes night while you are there.

    it is all getting a bit stale and predictable.



  • I've got four I can definitely remember and about 7 I can sort of remember (I'm think I know them to within a few seconds). Not sure about the TV. potential of the idea though!
  • I don't bother to remember any times except my marathon and Ironman PBs.

  • I have bad news and good news.  Bad news is that, as yet, I have failed to sell this gameshow concept to any of the major channels. Good news... I've got another great concept for you all to work on.

    8 runners do a warm up lap of the Olympic stadium, to build the tension. Just before they reach the finish line, the scoreboard displays a random pace, say 75seconds...  and the task is to run the next lap in exactly 75 seconds - no timing devices allowed.

    For the next lap, a new target time is set.... but at some stage during that new lap, the contestant who was furthest from the 75s target is taken out by a javelin.    I've not quite worked out how that bit works yet, but you get the picture. One Runner is taken out every lap, until 7 laps later, you're left with the winner.

    Before I take it to the TV companies, I just need you to help me forumulate some firmer rules, come up with a name for the show - oh, and some volunteers for a pilot would be great.

    Thanks for your help.

  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭

    Can I throw the javelin?

  • I'll remain polite and say thank you for that offer, but the thought of a womble trying to throw a javelin with accuracy and pace.... well, I just don't think you've thought it through..

    If you really want to help, you can come along and pick up the litter when filming is over.  I usually don't bother, but I suppose it will stop me getting snotty letters from the stadium management.


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