Possible plantar fascitis?

Hey all, just wondeed what those more knowledgable might think... I wear minimalist shoes as well as train once a week in vibram 5 fingers. I have been doing so for 8 months now with no injuries (until now) but with many added benefits to my running, as opposed to before when I used to wear custom made orthotics as well as stability control shoes for "exessive over pronation". Like I said, until now I have had no problems whereas before I suffered a lot of knee, hip and back pain.

I have been running approx 40 miles per week and just raced a 10k at the weekend that I was training towards. 4 weeks ago after an 8km barefoot run I started getting some arch pain when I ran, kind of similar to cramp. Since then I have only had 1 pain free run - the rest resulting in sore and swollen arches. I am terrible for not stretching and I know that, especiall in minimalist and barefoot running, calf stretching is essential. I do usually suffer from very tight calves and do a lot of hill running - could this be where my arch pain is coming from??

I am determined not to go back to support shoes - can I just treat this myself and then make sure I stretch properly? Have rolled a tennis ball a lot which does help  temporarily...

Any help appreciated image Thanks guys


  • In answer to your question - yes.

  • Rest and ice the arches and try to mix in some off road running if you can. Continual flattening of your arches pounding the hard pavements can cause PF. Make sure it isn't being caused by the footwear you wear in you non running life too. 

  • Thanks, I only really run trails, I usually only do pavement to get to trails or a wee section in middle of a trail... However, in saying that, the 8km run I did barefoot was a mixture.

    Screamapillar - do you mean yes about the tight calves or question at end about fixing it?

    Well, I'm going to Thailand for a month next week so I'll get the masaaeuse on the case image and do some loosening...


  • Tight calves and PF are connected (literally image )

    I have PF. I saw a physio today and the first thing he advised was calf stretches. 

  • sweet, thanks, good to know ... was going to ignore and hope it went away but that has no longer become an option. Can you still run on it if not too painful or is that not advisory?

    I know it depends on the individual etc and that I should see aphysio but I don't have time at the moment unfortuately and just need to know if running on it is likely to cause serious damage?

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