London Marathon April 2014

I hope it's ok for me to post about this here. The Brent Centre for Young People are a small mental health charity based in NW London, founded by pioneers in adolescent psychotherapy. We provide world-class in-depth talking therapies to over 500 highly distressed or traumatised young people each year.

We have 5 spaces left for the London Marathon in April 2014. And we need your help.

We're appealing to anyone interested in running the London Marathon in April 2014, and who have not yet committed to run for a specific charity, to come and run for the Brent Centre! 

We'd love to hear from you. Please email if you'd like to find out how to take part.



  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    You don't seem to have any mention of costs.

    Maybe that's why people have not signed up.
  • And actually, it's not OK for you to advertise on the forum, since you ask!

  • Hiya,

    Sorry Millsy1977, each runner is asked to aim to raise £2000 in sponsorship for their place.

    Luckily, we've had a couple of people sign up, but as a small charity, without the administrative power of the big charities, we actually just have one person managing all our charity's events organisation, website and external communications image

    I'm doing my best to try to muck in and support her, and to see if we can get more marathon runners in time!

    Fingers crossed some seasoned runners on this forum are still available!

  • I have a friend who is desperate to run the marathon next year.  What is your terms and conditions, if he fails to reach £2,000 target?  Does he sign a contract agreement he will make up any shortfall or does he just pledge to do his best? Thanks Pipski

  • Hi Pipski,

    Thank you very much for your response and we'd love to hear from you friend. Can you ask him to email so that we could respond to his enquiry in more detail? We'll make sure the person coordinating the marathon runners will respond to him personally. She's very good at supporting runners to reach their targets!

    All the best,


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