How do you feel about this?

As a society of runners, some of whom may have been there at the time, or know someone who was, I wondered how this would be viewed. 

Personally I can't comprehend how she thought this would be acceptable. 


If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    You really have to question the sanity of someone who thinks its acceptable to dress like that for Halloween!
  • Not half as good as the "Twin Towers" costumes that made all the headlines
  • Some people are thick and crass. And always have been - only now social media gives them visibility they don't deserve.

  • Young people don't always make smart choices. E.g. posting nude pictures of yourself on the interwebs or getting a pink cat tattoo on your arse.

    I think it was a bit tasteless, but I'm not personally offended.

    If it's still too soon for a Twin Towers outfit, how much time should you leave? Thinking of going as the Hindenburg next year...

  • Silly girl.

    Tom - you can do the Titanic stuff now - so there must be a century cut off or something ?
  • Cougie, that struck a memory. When talking about Blackadder4 didn't one of the writers say something along those lines in that once everyone involved in an event that has personal tragedy has died the majority of people are more inclined to accept humour in various forms of that event, excepting maybe the direct next generation of those involved.

    Think he may have said it shorter and wittier. It's why he's a successful writer and I'm not.

    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • Far too close. It's just about having a bit of sympathy for those affected, like the parents of that kid who died.

    We have all told sick jokes about disasters between mates etc, but its slightly different to dressing up in a costume. The woman just needed to step back and have a sensible think for a couple of minutes about whether it was acceptable or not.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    She clearly didn't think it through. On top of that, its on her 'facebook record' for the rest of her life.

  • She was silly, but the reaction seems to be totally OTT!

  • Wilkie wrote (see)

    She was silly, but the reaction seems to be totally OTT!

    Agree, a daft thing to do, I'm more offended by death threats and threats of rape

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Yes the reactions are totally over the top.

    But you have to accept that doing something that distasteful and putting it online is going to bring a lot of attention from the wrong sort of people.
  • It doesn't justify the reaction, people seem more tolerant of the reaction than the actual deed. Twisted logic

  • People way overreact to 'the reaction' anyway online.

    Lots of people talk cr.p on the internet, the same way as they do down the pub.

    Down the pub, you say to your mates 'I could kill those baggage handlers at Heathrow who lost my bags' ........ everyone laughs nothing happens.

    On the internet you write 'I could kill those baggage handlers at Heathrow who lost my bags' ....... you get the police around.

    So actually I dont blame the reactions ....... I blame the delicate flowers who react to the reactions instead of just going 'Its the internet ...... lets just get on with it.'


  • You're part of the problem then if only you realised

  • I think when people start reacting to the reaction about the reaction to the the original transgression I think it's time to admit the plot has been lost and retire gracefully.

  • Runnin man wrote (see)

    You're part of the problem then if only you realised

    Not really, in the early days of the internet you could just write cr.p and that would be fine.

    Now you get all your delicate flowers using the internet and expecting it to conform to their expectations.

    My view ...... if you cant handle it, go to Mumsnet where you can all sit around singing Kumbuyah and discussing how men are the cause of all the worlds problems and leave the rest of the internet for real people who dont treat everything seriously.


  • You misjudge - regardless of writing crap you're part of the problem with views like you show

  • Unfortunately with a democracy you are going to get a wide variety of views. Thats not to say your views are right and mine are wrong. 

  •  image Don't you mean "fortunately"?

    (That was to Mr I BTW)

  • No I meant unfortunately because for running man, he would rather live in a democracy where everyone just shared his views ....... because clearly his are right and mine are wrong.


  • Not at all I wouldn't deny your view, maybe I should have said "in my opinion" you're part of the problem"

  • fair enough and in my opinion people like you who moan are part of the problem ..... so looks to me like a 1-1 tie!


  • Seems a bit of an unusual question these days but my feelings towards this are that she is pretty fit and I would.

  • I didn't moan about anything, I said that there was twisted logic in that people seemed more accepting of the death threats to this girl than they were of her initial ill-advised action, sorry if you find that hard to understand

  • What she did was in very bad taste, the same as the twin towers costumes. Stupid and Idiotic yes, the sort of thing that her boss should take her aside and say that's realy crap go change image

    But any threats against a person are obviously wrong!

    We all make mistakes, It's learning from them that is the key, she apologised, There isn't much more she can do.  Calling her a stupid f**king idiot, hell yes image threats of any sort are just wrong.

  • Death threats ....... yeah right.

    You realise Justin Bieber probably has 100 death threats a day made to him on Twitter, but hes still around annoying all of us.

    My point which I made at the very start is to not take the death threats seriously.

    I thought I had already covered this with my example of the pub comments in which I SPECIFICALLY brought up the issues of death threats.

    Sorry if you found that hard to understand, but perhaps a perusal of my earlier posts on this thread might be in order since I have already addressed the very issue of death threats on the internet.

    Death threats are all about context. If you seriously think people are now going to go out and kill this girl for what she did, then you're an idiot.



  • You got a point there.

    However, none of us likes to receive death threats. Not really. It's not nice. And not everyone is capable of shrugging that sort of stuff off.

    However she is still a silly cow. Too soon doesn't even begin to cover it.
  • JB - Fair enough, but then she went too far by not only what she wore, but by then publicising it herself on the internet.

    So therefore there are consequences to those actions.

    If those consequences mean you have to put up with some idiots who invariably will say crap on the internet about you then so be it, and hopefully she'll learn her lesson.

    Yes people shouldnt be making death threats .... but do I want police time wasted investigating it? No.



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