Pirate Race Team

Dear Pirate friends,

Before I go to the forums I thought I'd check out the reaction to this idea on here in possibly a more friendly and stella free environment.

I'm proposing to form a pirate "race team" or at least a team made up of pirates (or ex-pirates). The aims are two fold...

1) Help raise the profile of the pirates with the aim to leveraging the group to secure discounts etc that can be passed on to all pirates, not just those in the race team.

2) Use the group as resource for those looking to step up a level in your athletic performance. There's lots of resources out there, take Endurance Corner for example, if you've read their latest "how to qualify" series then you'd give up before starting. I can tell you there's a difference between being "elite" and just pretty good. We'd be firmly in the pretty good category.

Now this team is going to seem like a Fegan clique and let me be upfront, my original idea was just that, Fegan's mates who are also decent triathletes and just happen to be pirates. And this appealed to some and not to others, especially those loyal to racing in the black and yellow.

So this idea is in it's infancy (I thought of it yesterday) but already I've managed the following:

ALL pirates to get a solid discount on Extreme Endurance products.
ALL pirates to get a subscription to Triathlete Europe magazine at ONLY the cost of postage.
A pirate feature (and regular updates e.g. a big piece on the PSOF trip to Nice) online and in print with Triathlete magazine and a number of free race entries throughout UK and possibly Europe to write a race review for Triathlete (I'll caveat this, it's just race entry, there's no pirate helicopter or 5 star accommodation).

Hopefully more to come or I've peaked very very early.

So thoughts?
*puts on asbestos jacket* — feeling curious.


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