Fitness Quotes


  • Is that fitness or AA? 

  • How is that a fitness quote?

  • It isn't one of the best examples - some of the others are much more obvious though.

    My OH is a copper and has to deal with pissed up twats all the time so I don't find them amusing.

  • all that drinking makes you sweat in strange places going by the wet patch in one of the pics.

  • Just makes me feel ill. I'm going for a run.
    Honestly, seeing those does not make me want a drink. Reverse phsycology. Clearing not working on the drinkers judging by the comments.

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    I hope they are ironic.

    But even then, they're not funny or clever - and I don't mean that in a prudush way.  They are simply just not all that amusing.  Just a bit dull.

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