Does it matter if I miss a run on xmas Day?

I'm training for my first marathon and am following the Hal Hilgdon Novice 2 programme.  I've already started the programme and by the time Xmas comes around, I will be repeating some earlier weeks, bringing me back up to week 7 again.  I've done some calcs, because I obviously have too much time on my hands today at work!   And on Xmas day, I should be running a 7 miler.  This is only an hour's cardio, but with 2 kids indoors and having to get glammed up, would it matter if I did my 7 miler on Xmas eve instead and missing a weekly session?  I don't really want time away from the kids on Xmas day and am wondering if it's that big of a deal, even though I am training for the London Marathon?  I will have under my belt a 15 miler and I would have been following a marathon training programme for about 10 weeks.  If I do manage to get out, then great, but the kids come first on Xmas day, not me! Thanks for your replies.


  • No it won't matter. The long runs are the key. Try and avoid missing those - but one run out of a week isn't a biggie.
  • No it won't make any difference Pipski....any marathon schedule needs to be flexible enough to allow you to miss the odd session because sometime life (or Christmas) just gets in the way.  You are already well on track and there'll still be a few months to go before the race so don't worry about it image

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    You are already ahead of the plan so you can afford to take it easy during the Xmas week and pick it back up again after new year.

    I always factor Xmas eve to New Year's Day into my plan, so any runs I get in at that time are a bonus.
  • Thanks guys, I thought as much.  That was excellent feedback!

  • No. Have another slice of turkey instead. You'll thank me.
  • Wait until the kids have opened their presents and your partner has started to cook dinner and then go out.  Hopefully dinner will be ready when you get back.  You can then have that extra slice of turkey and whilst your partner is washing up you can go for a shower ready for a well earned beer or two.

  • keep ticking over during the festive period, and try to limit and damage caused by booze and overeating, so you don't feel like dirt when you ramp up the training again. otherwise enjoy yourself. it's Chriiiiiiiiiiiiiiistmaaaaaaaaaas. 

  • You can sneak off for an hour to destress whilst the dinner is cooking! 

  • Run on Christmas day?!  I've invariably got a head like a box of frogs.  Might as well crack on with the sherry.  I impressed myself by getting out on Boxing Day last year though.  image

  • I'll be racing boxing day image There's always an annual 5 miler round these parts!

  • Pipski wrote (see)

    would it matter if I did my 7 miler on Xmas eve instead and missing a weekly session? .

    Sorry, yes. Your marathon attempt is doomed now, I'm afraid. image

  • Very funny Literatin! 

    Agent Ginger.The chances of me not drinking too much over Xmas is a hilarious idea!  I love my wine as much as I love my training.  Why do you think I train so hard!  I will try not to drink so much next's that?  I do plan on giving it up 10 days before the race....I've been pregnant twice, hence sober twice for 9 months....I have no intention being that sensible ever again image

  • I've found that having my Long Run on a Sunday reduces the amount of alcohol I consume on a Saturday night. Sunday dinner however...

    The days on your program are not set in stone. As long as easy day follows a hard day you're good to go.
  • Daley Thompson used to train on Christmas Day because he knew that his rivals wouldn't.  Quite frankly, if you haven't got the commitment of Daley you're just not cut out for marathons.

  • According to Mrs Thompson he just trained for the high jump on Xmas day.

    At least that's what Inthink she said.
  • REMREM ✭✭✭

    Am planning on a 5 mile PB on Boxing Day.  How is this possible? Never run a 5 mile race before!

  • I always run on Xmas day. Love getting out. So quiet, lovely friendly dog walkers in wood and you don't feel guilty eating all day!

  • I also run every Christmas day its chill time.

  • literatin wrote (see)
    Pipski wrote (see)

    would it matter if I did my 7 miler on Xmas eve instead and missing a weekly session? .

    Sorry, yes. Your marathon attempt is doomed now, I'm afraid. image

    Hmm seems like you need to get out there!

  • No, won't make the slightest difference if you miss a run on Christmas Day.  However. I do go out between opening presents (got young kids so this happens early) and lunch.  Really like it as everyone I meet appears to be a bit more chilled out and friendlier.  I've even got a  Santa hat that's good to run in for that bit of extra festive spirit and as I've run the indulgence in other kinds of spirit tastes even better.   

  • we go and do a park run on christmas morning.that way i can't start drinking till 10 am.....and then there is a race boxing day image


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