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Is there any way of making a complaint against an Estate Agent, from the perspective of a potential buyer?

The details of the property I was trying to buy were wrong, and I'd like to make a complaint to someone (to get things off of my chest, more than anything).  I know there is usually a disclaimer on property details along the lines of saying the details may not be accurate, but this property was marketed as a freehold when in fact it was a leasehold with not that long left on the lease.  If I'd known the time left on the lease, I wouldn't have even viewed the property.  I even questioned it before I made an offer, and was told by the agent (verbally and in an email) that it was freehold.  Sale details of other leasehold properties up for sale usually estimate how long is left on the lease.

The agent has generally been a PITA anyway, and I have a list of other minor issues I've had but this is the main one.

I'm not necessarily looking for financial recompense (it's cost me a couple hundred quid to find this basic information out), but I'd like to make a complaint if possible.  Or do you think I'm wasting my time?


  • Do they have a regulatory body?

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭

    Nick - no, I haven't purchased the property.  I'm considering options at the moment, but I am currently leaning to (regretably) pulling out of the sale.  In terms of the agreed price, I'd say it was a "fair" price (i.e., not a bargain by any means) for a property that had a very long lease.

    Screama, sorry I don't know.  I have checked their website and I can't see it.  

    (Cross post.  Screama thanks - I'll look at that link).

  • A punch in the face?

  • I'd pull out of the sale, though I'd have done a search before putting an offer in, it only costs £3 No one can blame you for not going ahead and the vendor should have read and checked the details and corrected the error. It's fairly major.

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭

    Widow - I should have done the check you mentioned, and obviously now wish I had.  I (stupidly) took the agent at their word.  Lesson learned and a smack on the wrists for me.

    Nick, I am basing this on my own non-professional judgement and not knowing how much it would cost to extend the lease, but I would say the price that was agreed is now in the region of £10K too high.  I think I'm going to walk away as I don't really want to get into discussing extending the lease and renegotiating a new price and what that entails.

    Screama, thanks for that link.  There are details in there of what to do and I feel a letter will be being drafted over the weekend.

  • shit in an envelope and post it through their letter box.


  • better still, find some dog shit and put THAT in an envelope, in case they pass it to CSI who run some DNA tests and track you down.

  • XX1XX1 ✭✭✭

    Hi all, This is Tank Drivers Co Driver here! Clearly none of you like Estate Agents - and rightly so! However.....I am one! All Estate Agents are now legally obliged to be members of the OEA (Ombudsman for Estate Agents), the regulatory body. By the sounds of things you have been mislead. Under the Property Misdescriptions Act 1991 agents are liable if they are misleading - in a photograph, what they write, or what they say. You have right to compensation if they were misleading "to a material degree" - basically if the misleading cost you financially. I would certainly write to the Manager or the Director of the business. State that you have taken advice from the OEA, as if the OEA do get involved the agent will get a 'black mark' - which we all avoid. I hope this helps? We are not all bad and I am happy to report I haven't had any sh*t posted through my letter box - dog or otherwise - during my long estate agency career! Let me know if you need some more advice......

  • Just a thought, but why are you blaming the estate agent? 

    They get their info from the seller, whom would also see the details of their property once listed. So could well be the seller doing the mis-leading.

    its not the estate agents job to check the details of the properties, that's your solicitors job. Their job is to work for the seller, (not the buyer), and market the property according to the information they are given. 

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Chillax.  We live in a blame society where we find it far too easy to blame others when something doesn't go our way.

    Big_G wrote (see)

    The agent has generally been a PITA anyway, and I have a list of other minor issues I've had but this is the main one.

    How many 'minor' issues do you have! image  I bet the Estate Agent loves you popping by!  




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