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For the last year or so I have done the vast majority of my runs with my dog.

I find her a great companion and a incentive to get out there on nights I don't really feel like it.

Most of my runs with here are trail / fell runs-not the best preparation for road races but still the most enjoyable runs I do.

When I increased my milage for a marathon last may I did not do any of my runs over 13 miles with her, not sure at that time she would be ok with the increased pace (most of my LSR were 7:40ish minute mile pace) or distance.

I am now thinking she is better suited to the longer/ faster runs than me-she has no problem on a 42 minute tempo 10k or back to back 12 mile days.

I will start to increase my training for my next marathon soon (London) and think although trail running is not the best preparation I will keep to it and take my dog on the longer runs upto marathon distance I think-any one have experiance on this?

Her stats are

3 year old Weimaraner

5k pb 19 mins

10k pb 41 mins

HM 1:40




  • It was on the news the other day when Mike Bushell was at a XC dog race where the winner ran 10 miles in about 30 minutes.

  • Hi Runnin Eye,

    I can only give you the experience of mine, I would have thought yours would be fine.

    My pair are Heinz 57 type terriers, 6" from floor to sternum. All three of us started running at the same time 5 years ago when one was approx 2 and the other approximate 4 ( rescues, no idea on exact age). They've now trained alongside me for a number of Mara's and also completed a 40 miler.  And yes, they were in a better state than me come the end! 

    One is long haired and white, you should see the state I bring her home in some times. image

    My speed is a bit slower than yours, the dogs though are faster. image

    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • I should add the above pbs-were measured on my garmin-she will have ran quite a bit further (chasing squirrels on the way) and the time will have been limited by her owner (me)!!

  • Thanks Chimney- Its a great way to run isn't it-and never fails to amaze me how she can come from a day lazing around to run 10 miles alot faster and easier than me.

    She can stop and get 100m plus behind I will be running a fast interval or the like and within seconds she will come flying past me

  • Yep, been there! Thought occasionally of getting a cheap GPS just to see how much further they go than me. 


    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • I ran the neolithic half many years ago which had  a canine X race.   I ran with a fellow who was running with his dog but the dog was either 100 metres ahead or behind us but whenever he was called he litterally Flew back to his owner. Never seen so many happy dogs running.image



  • should not be any problem for your Weimaraner. I always run with my Vizsla. Both on roads as well as on trails. But... I take very very good care of her paws and soles and treat them with wax and neats foot oil (to harden). She also has Ruffwear shoes for really difficult running circumstances or.... grit during winter times. 

    Enjoy runing with your doggy.

    BTW there are some really good things for running with dogs like special leashes (elastic). My dog also has her own back pack!



  • hi runningmax-great photo thanks for the advice on paws

    where do you shop for the doggy runnig gear?

    just got in from 7 miles in the peaks with my dog and my head torch great running

  • Peak? I'll look out for you, just moved to Old Whit, Chesterfield from Berkshire. Fantastic running round here image
    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • yes great running in the peak district- we live in sheffield 10 minutes of running and in the peaks and the climbing area of stanage-20 minute walking and in the centre of town or eccelsall road and the restaurants and bars-What a great place to live!!

  • 7.5m just to get to Owler Bar for me image  Burbage, Stanage, Bamford, Froggett, Curbar etc edges are all a LSR or a drive and park. The last time I was running along the top of Curbar I was looking at the view thinking how lucky I was to now be living round here that I tripped over and smacked my knee into a rock. 

    Recently joined Totley AC, though currently injured so not running anywhere image Met Tim Tett the other week, good bloke. 

    Yes, the dogs and I are so much better off living here than in Berkshire.

    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • @ runing eye: I have a lot of stuff from Ruffwear (shoes, a short leash that stays on her neck, backpack, foldable drinking bowl) and recently a Stunt Puppy running leash. But I will have to try that one, I just bought it.


  • I always run with my dog. He is a jack russell cross but he can run 10-12 miles no problem and has done marathon training up to 16 miles.

  • We've had German Shepherds and White Swiss Shepherds for over 30 years, always run with them, two of our previous ones have run full marathons and all have run 10k and/or half-marathon races, except for our current youngster who is only 17 months old and has not yet run any races although  he trains with us in the forest. We use a harness for running, it's better than having a lead attached to the dog's collar and doesn't pull on his neck. Any reputable pet shop should have ones to fit, they are adjustable.

  • I have a pretty short leash when she has to be on the leash. She runs along with me, head near the knee. No canicross for me since she won't pull image

  • Looks like there are a lot of quick dogs out there, CaniX looks good but they don't seem to be in my area-Sheffield / peak district.

    I know that you can do the park run with your dog-but they have to be on the lead, to me this is the worse case as she pulls and runs much better to heal off the lead-also leads are an obstacle to other runners.image



  • I've got an English Springer Spaniel and am thinking of starting to take him running with me. He is 2 now but just over a year ago he had one operation on his stomach as it was peferated (eating anything and everything he could get his hands on) and a few weeks later he had another operation his cruciate ligament (as a result of trying to jump a cattle grid, and failing !). I need to get him to the vets and see if he is ok to come running up the peaks with me. 

    Running eye - where do you take your mutt in the Peaks ?

  • Carterusm I run mainly around stanage, either from endcliffe park and through porter valley (10-14 miles ish) or from lady cannings at ringinglow 6 miles ish.

    Another great route is from stanage car park through to longshaw.

    Just have to watch out for sheep!!

  • Yesterday I ran 24K with my doggy. She was not on the lead although I was passed by a ranger twice. Obviously she was OK so near my knee for him image Later I notice some signs about a doggy and a leash....We had great fun together in the forest!

  • Our previous White Shepherd dog Ozzy was a wonderful runner, and when I did speed sessions, it would catch him out for a second or two when I turned and headed back the other way but then he would charge after me and overtake like a racing greyhound. We put on some dog races at our club just for fun and to raise some money - Oz sprinted the 60m down the field in 3.8 seconds! He was great at longer runs too and did quite a few half-marathon races with us. We always had to start right at the back though because at the gun he would howl like a wolf and  scare people.  After about 3miles he would settle into a trot and just run alongside, but he never liked going through the finish funnel. His predecessor Snowy was famous for miles around and often on TV and in magazines as my husband's "pacemaker", got his own medal for doing the Frankfurt marathon.

  • great stories BI-

    know what you mean about time to settle as Lara will loves running so much she bounces like a jack in a box and barks constanly for the first few hundred yards!

    Would love to do a race with her but not on a lead as she pulls like mad, even after 10 miles+ of trail running if I have to put her on the lead for the last 400 yards back home she will still pull-might help my pace but don't fancy extra long arms

  • Running eye - I've run up ringinglow, whirlow and stanage a few times on my own. Fortunately, my mutt isnt bothered about sheep. How does your's get on with the rocky terrain, are his feet ok ?

    BI - nice stories. 

    I find it quite amazing just how strong dogs can be. My mutt is a 2 year old springer spaniel and weighs about 24/25kg. If I walk him on his lead on his normal collar he pulls like mad and can easily knock me off balanace and I weigh in at 13st. When he is on his harness though he doesnt pull at all. I've taken him on a couple of short runs in the park (off lead) and he will run on ahead, have a sniff then stop and look at me with a "what kept you so long" look on his face. Then he will be off again.  

    Has anyone tried these dog shoes (I saw them on ruffwear) or do you think it's just another gimmick ?

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    RunningMax wrote (see)

    should not be any problem for your Weimaraner. I always run with my Vizsla. Both on roads as well as on trails. But... I take very very good care of her paws and soles and treat them with wax and neats foot oil (to harden). She also has Ruffwear shoes for really difficult running circumstances or.... grit during winter times. 



    Runningmax- firstly - what a cute dog! A question from me (and also from carterusm) - where do you buy the ointment for their feet/booties? All from ruffwear? Also, does she "accept" wearing the booties? I can imagine mine would tear them straight off.

    Winter is coming and i'm very aware of the effect of the salt on his paws.

    I run every day with my lad. He's a 15 month siberian husky and has done up to 25km easily. He's done a few trail races here and everyone loves to see him. I'm slowly building up his miles and distance but once on the harnass - he pulls or trots steadily depending on what i want him to do.

    His favourite is off lead intervals as he loves to try and chase after me and then runs full pelt in the other direction.

  • Hi guys

    I have a website with stuff that I reviewed but it is in Dutch image Would you like me to translate the page? There is info on the ointments and stuff, the shoes (Muttluks and Ruffwear), the backpack etc.

    yesterday at the end of the 24 km run




  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Runningmax - where are you based? I'm living in Belgium so dutch is fine for me but may be useful for the others in English image

  • And I'm in Germany - my female White Shepherd Shani had a big problem with ice buildup between her pads when there was snow on the ground. I mentioned it to my friend in Utah USA, she said some friends of theirs were into husky sled racing and used boots for their feet, would I like to try some? I said yes, the booties arrived, bright orange in colour which looked great on my white dog - but guess what? On the package it said "made in Germany"!

  • @ emmy: dutch page is at I did not finish everything, I will add information about the shoes tomorrow



  • New PB for my doggie 18:50 at the park run yesterday-then almost immediately loads of balls chasing while I recovered-endless energy!!

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