I need a training partner for London Marathon 2014

I've just started training for the London Marathon 2014.  I was just wondering if anyone fancied joining me in December for some weekend runs?   I think my marathon pace at present is 9 and a half minute miles.  I am hoping to speed that up nearer the time.  I am currently following Hal Higdon Novice 2.  If anyone lives in Wanstead / South Woodford / Snaresbrook and you fancy some company on those long runs, I'd be more than happy to join you.  I am a 42 year old mum of two, if you were wondering who you'd be running with?  Any takers?


  • Try hooking up with your local running club. There will be loads of people to run with there. Orion Harriers are nearby


  • Not me. Anyone not committed enough to run on Christmas Dayimage

  • Hi Pipski

    seen you post in a few places and wonder if I could offer you a few thoughts here?

    I was going to suggest exactly what Ant P has to help you gauge pacing, build confidence and give you running buddies for dark and/ or bad weather runs, find a friendly running club. If you do a parkrun you may find like minded souls there that could point you in the direction of a suitable club. If you don't do a parkrun you may want to look at that to help your speedwork.

    I always think a first marathon is always about learning, for example what sort of weather you can train in, what times of day you prefer to run at and how much "me" time you can take away from the family. If your kids are an age that they could cycle as you run along a tow path or reservoir or somewhere safe- that's a nice way to get parental brownie points alongside running.

    Take care chosing your marathon pace too early. If you have done a few half marathons before you may be in a position to estimate a marathon time. If not it may be an idea to pop in a couple of warm up races of 10k and 13.1 miles in your marathon training and use the half to put into one of the many race pace predictors. Or double and add 10% for a rough guide.

    Hope you carry on enjoying the training and find some safe, constructive company.

    best wishesimage

    h oh- Xmas smilies already!!

  • Sussex Runner NLR wrote (see)

    Not me. Anyone not committed enough to run on Christmas Dayimage

    Now that made me laugh out loud!  Right that's it, I'm ditching the kids and going for a long run on Christmas Day! Committment Sshmittment! image

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