Running on concrete

I recently moved because of my job and have just started training for my next marathon. Unfortunately, the only places to run here are all on concrete, and this is already affecting my knees. Is there anything I can do to minimise the impact of this on my knees? I wear orthotics by the way, and only run once or twice a week in my training, the rest being cycling and swimming. Thanks!


  • Would hoka shoes help?
  • isn't there amy other surface at the side of the concrete you could use.........

    and have you cut down mileage to build back up slowly so your body can get used to the new surface and adapt......

    I would be the last one to suggest a treadmill for runniung but it might be an option for some runs


  • Seren.... I never thought I would hear you say that word!image
  • I'm still at the beginning of the training schedule so mileage quite low at the minute, managed 5 miles tonight without any pain. Is such a hard surface something the body can actually become used to?

    Very little grass etc beside paths. I jump at any bit I can find but 90% don't have anything at the side. The idea of running for hours (or at all) on a treadmill sounds horrendous image but I suppose it can be kept in mind just in case.

    Hoka shoes an idea I hadn't thought of. Wonder how the maximal cushioning shoes would work with orthotics.
  • The badwater ultra marathon in the US is 135 miles on roads, so yes.

    Hokas are neutral so in theory could work with inserts, however the squashyness (technical term) of the footbed may render orthotics useless. Best to try and make it to somewhere that stocks them and try it out.


  • Hoka, hokum more like. 

    Currently living in the US so all roads in my area are concrete. Does take time to adjust but you'll be fine after 4 weeks or so. Good news is that running on Tarmac will feel like running on pillows once you adjust. 

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