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Hi all,

I'm doing the Manchester Marathon this weekend and am wanting to use some energy gels and energy drink on the run.
Can anyone suggest a good one...?

I keep seeing adverts for High-5. Has anyone any experience on this ?



  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I've used High-5 and found it good, but be careful. Try it out on a training run before hand, as some people get bad reactions to different drinks/gels. Liquid Power gives me a sore stomach, but I can take High-5 and Lucozade Sport no problem - other people are the other way round.

    Jelly beans are always an option.
  • Dean,

    SIS Energy gel is Isotonic which means you don't need water to wash it down. I also find the Maxim ones good as they are concentrated, in a small sachet and come with a little screw cap. My local Tesco stocks Maxim, so yours might too.

    Lucozade Sport and Isostar are some of the more popular of many sports drinks.

    As Nessie said though, on no account use these on the day without testing them on some kind of training run first. If you haven't tried them by Sunday, don't bother - it's not worth the risk.

    Good luck.

  • Dean - go with the jelly beans - they are probably safest.
    What have you been training with - what have you drunk for the long training runs ? Stick with that.

    I used Lucozade Sport for London, and just took one every feeding station (5 in total) - didn't feel the need for gels or any extra fluid.
  • All I can do is echo everyone else - stick with water if you know nothing else - I prefer Jelly Babies to Jelly Beans.

    As for an energy drink - I prefer Boots Isotonic - I find its not quite a sweet as some of the rest!

    Good luck for Sunday
  • Have had problems in recent years in the final stages of marathons feeling ill. Now about to attempt no 21 in New York and have been using Maxin Gel during training. Fantastic, running better than ever, tried a few of the drinks but all gave me a bad stomach. Go for this gel, closest thing to rocket fuel !!!
  • Hello Douglas,

    I've not seen Maxin Gel - do you get it online or in a local shop?

    Dean - I found SIS energy gel the easiest to use, but, as the others have all said, it would be a big mistake to try it for the first time on the day of your race.

    Good luck :)
  • Thanks for the advice.....

    I'll be straight down to the newsagents for a quarter of jelly beans and a quarter of jelly babies !

    It seems to me that the only way to find out what's best for you is to pretty much try them all on a long run (obviously not all at once !).

    I will look out for the Maxim at Tesco, SIS and the gels, and try them on the next race.

    Many thanks
  • you can get maxim at holland and barratt too - i've used it and its never caused me a problem.

    wine gums are good too

    sis gel is ok but unless you take it all at once you can't reseal it and end up running with it in your hand and eventually down your arm and legs!
  • SIS gels all the way.........
    except for the swim !
  • 50 grams of high juice and a pinch of salt in a 500ml bottle adn you have your own isotonic, glucose drink for about 10p at 7% carbs. It also does not taste like someone else has already drunk it first!!
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