Must train harder

My 2nd time at this event, 2,27,10 last time round, will train a lot harder this time round.


  • Any tip's?

  • yes - there's no apostrophe in tips image

  • Delnic, you haven't exactly given us very much to go on, but given the the tearjerker is a sprint distance event, albeit off road, that doesn't look like a great time to be honest. 

    Simply doing more should help, training 6 days a week with one day off, 2 days each of swim, bike and run looks like a good start. 

  • What training are you doing now ?

    May be it is a case of not training harder, but smarter ?

  • Biking 5 miles a day to and from work, gym 3-4 days a week, swimming 2x a week.

  • When you say gym is that cardio machines or weights? I would swap gym for running and try to get at least 1 longer bike ride in - no need to go mad as training for a sprint event but certainly aim for 1 20 mile plus bike ride a week.
  • The guys are right, we really need a lot more information to be able to help you a bit more

    Can I presume that you do your running in the gym?  If the sprint is off road then get out and run off road ... get your key sessions in a week 3/3/3 or 3/2/2/ and compliment with gym work but not instead of is my opinion

  • Doing cardio and light weights, was gyming it tonight ,but will take your advice and go for a run!, will aim to do a 20 miler sat or sun, cheer's!

  • Give us a typical weeks training for you ...

  • I don't do any gym work.

    While gym work clearly helps, if you are limited by time I would suggest it is your lowest priority and it is more important to get 2 swim, bike and run in per week.  If you have time then by all means add some gym work on top.

  • Mon,gym 60-90min's 40 min's is cardio the rest light weighs & swim 30 min's

    Tue's gym same as above no swim.

    wed same as mon.

    Thur's rest

    Fri same as Tue's, rest sat , sun.  Bike 5mile round trip to and from work


  • too much gym and not enough running or biking. simple as

  • Cheer's, will change a few things.


  • Changed quite a few things , working to a program, 2,2,2 and a bit of gym work, building it up slowly, cheer's for the tip's!

  • Be careful of overtraining.

  • and stop sticking apostrophes where they're not needed!!

  • When I do gym stuff I try to do as much core work as possible.....

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