Hope every one was out enjoying the fantastic sunshine today. image


  • I was indeed. I still needed a buff over my ears, face and neck for the entire time I was out riding though, as it was bitterly cold, despite the sun.

  • on the bike this morning and legwarmers went down and armwarmers came off.wonderful to be riding in shorts and t shirt again............

    and then this afternoon x country race in shorts and vest .......even the mud felt easier in the sunshine.....did turn cold later when watching the mens race image

  • Rest day today, biking to and from work, 5 mile round trip, and training hard at the gym, looking forward to thr tearjerker triathlon in May!

  • It was cold riding along the Severn but the sunshine and views were stunning. The run soon warmed me up though. image

  • WoW, see your doing the tear jerker in May, training for that one myself, hope the training goes well.

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