Count Down to Tough Mudder

Hello, I am very new to this page.


I have been exercising since March this year and am doing a tough mudder next October. I have gone from doing literally nothing to trying to do 5 hours per week, 4 cardio and I lift weights on a Friday. if anybody wants to stop by and offer any words of wisdom I am up for hearing it.


  • Tough mudder s and their ilk are a lot of fun! But they hardly require much training unless you're trying to win it. 

  • So you have 11 months to train? How far is the great south run? I thought that was 10 miles, I guess not as you said in your bio you did that in 47 minutes? 

  • The tough mudder is 10-12 miles with loads of obstacles? So I guess it's run about 1km do obstacle, run another km do another obstacle etc...? 

    Sounds like you can probably do it slowly now image it says they average 3-4 hours finishing time? So I guess walk / run and build up do you can plod along for 3 hours and you'll be fine? 

    Oh maybe dig the odd mud pit and slog through that in your runs image or plough through a muddy pond. Have fun!


    EDIT: I forgot about climbing I have a new plan image convert your goldfish pond to a mud pond. Start in your garden, slog through the mud pond, climb over your rear fence, run 1km, climb back over the fence and repeat image

    or think that if it's 10-12 miles you probably won't run more then 10 which is 16km so just learn to gently plod 8km / 5 miles an hour, if you can keep that up for 2 hours that's it. The rest is just slogging through the obstacles. From the pics there always seems to be people to help you through them, so just plan to run 10 miles in 2 hours and wing it with the obstacles. even if you had never run in your life, you only need to add 1 mile each month. 

  • ParmosParmos ✭✭✭

    good luck


    i am going to be doing the yorkshire TM in august next year,

    i did the men health 'Survival of the Fittest' last month but thats only around 10k but i never really trained for it, just heavy gym lifts really and thought i struggled a little on fitness but i hadnt really ran in 2 months after i did a local 10k run and added a few more pounds on lol still done it in 1hr 20mins

  • I'd add in some trail running as helps although so broken up not the same as running a ten mile race. I would suggest having a go at something like a Wolf Run to give you target before Tough Mudder. There's one in April I think. Just be prepared to get very wet and muddy.


    I enjoyed the Wolf Run I did as different to usual half marathon. There were people there who did look like training had been minimal. I guess means would be slower, would hurt more next day and more risk hurting yourself. I found it interesting how many people on their Facebook complained about being barely able to move the next day. I had bruises on shins but ran normal 5 mile run without issue.

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