Preston 10

Just entered!

Think is my third one and looking for a solid PB. Hoping for friendly conditions.


  • I am in it. Previously done it 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011. Race goes past the end of my road so really it would be rude not to image

  • Me first 10 miler
  • Good stuff fellas!

    nutty - it is very flat and there will be  a lot of very quick folk but it is friendly enough!

    max - where are you? my in-laws are just off Central Drive, Penwortham!

  • No worries, using it as prep for my second half in Jan.  What has made me absolutely howl with laughing is that you get a SPAR mug .  I work in Co-op headquarters in Manchester for one of their suppliers.  Cant exactly use it as a brew mug for work now lol

  • lol! My bro-in-law works at co op manc too!

    Which half? I`ve done Catforth 3 times but not Inskip, yet.

  • Live in Longton and my road is opposite the primary school we run past (twice).

    Doing Catforth and Inskip again in January. Always seems a good way to kick off the year image

  • Maxpower


    New Year Half marathon has new venue, St Marys Catholic Priomary School Lea. Venue at Catforth Village Hall not big enough. Enter early nearly full over 400 to date, limit 600, 90% same course through Catforth

  • Did Lake Vrnwy this year as my first one in dreadful conditions. My fella did Gran Canaria half last year and i'm gonna have a go this time when we on hols.  Its Jan 26th.  Got Berlin definitely booked as well but was thinking about the Angesley Island race in between.  My fella churns the halfs out for fun but Ive not got the stamina yet for the extra miles

  • wow Nutty! Great races! I`ve done Vyrnwy twice. Amazing scenic sell-out event. First time I did it as my second ever HM and struggled a lot in the heat but smashed it on my return in 2011. I`ll be back! Also I used to live in Las Palmas and I would love to get there again one day for that race! Any good? We went to Angelsey on hols this year tho!!!

  • Top race today and well happy with a new big PB in perfect conditions!

  • I got 1hr 35 on this which I was really pleased with. good benchmark for jan.  I've not run Gran Canaria yet but my fella enjoyed it and you get loads of stuff for your money.  Just hilarious getting the number if you don't speak Spanish.  Just got to put a couple more long runs in and I recon based on that time for Preston, my half time should come right down, touch wood image

  • Good work nutty! It was a nice day for a race. Photos are good too.

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