Winter tyres

Looking to put some winter tyres on my bike. So was just wondering what you guys use and recommend?



  • Conti Gatorskins

  • Same as what I use the rest of the time: conti gp 4000s. Used to use gator skins but I find the 4000s a lot more grippy in the wet and just as puncture proof. Love 'em.

  • They are not as puncture proof.   If you start sticking puncture proof layers in the tyre is heavier and less supple which increases rolling resistance which wouldn't make for a great race tyre.

  • Just picked up a set of Gatorskins from Halfrauds for £42 for the pair image



  • Conti Gators every winter. (only 2 punctures in 4 years and they were both on the same ride)

  • I use Conti 4 Seasons and Conti Ultra Gators would recommend either both very good in the wet and strong on some of the not so great road surfaces. Seem to also hold good speed.

  • As above, I go for the Gators and have done for years.  The only gripe I have with them is how damn hard they are to get off and on the rim.

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